What’s a Y-Lift and Why Do You Need One?

The Triple Punch To Wrinkles and Sagging

Are you getting soft around the jaw and droopy through the cheeks?

If so, listen up because a Y-lift may be just the thing to make you look younger without going under the knife.

The Why’s

As we age, our faces start to appear slightly sunken in and sometimes even a little droopy. This is completely normal because as your body gets older it loses its original elasticity. Your cheeks aren’t as full, your laugh lines are more noticeable, and you jaw line becomes a little slack.

This is especially true in older women. It’s no surprise that some people feel discouraged and even self-conscious about their appearance so if this happens to you, you may opt for a Y-lift to regain your youthful looks and self-confidence.

The What’s

A Y-lift is a three-part treatment. First, a cheek augmentation will be done to restore youthful fullness to your face. Second, a filling of the nasolabial fold (laugh lines) will be performed on both sides to fill in the creases. Last, injections are made underneath the corners of your mouth in the “marionette area” to improve your jaw line and lift the corners of your mouth.

Depending on your doctor’s advice and your expected results, any number of products can be used. Restylane is a popular choice for this type of procedure but your doctor may recommend something different but better for your individual situation. How long your results last depends on the type of injectable that you choose.

The How’s

Once you’ve decided to get a Y-lift, you’ll probably be wondering what to expect when you get there. How many injections will you need? Will it be uncomfortable? Surely this is different on a case to case basis, but the general opinion is that the Y-lift is pretty tolerable even without numbing, without much pain at all.

To begin, your doctor will examine your face to see where your cheeks need filling, and then prep the injection site. The needle itself will be quite tiny but for the cheek augmentation part, it’ll have to be inserted rather deeply to produce the desired results. This has been said to feel slightly “stingy”.

When it comes to filling your nasolabial folds, your doctor will inject the substance along the fold in various places to try and achieve a softer look around the mouth area. Sometimes after this step, the extra fullness can push down on the mouth area and make the corners appear downturned.

It’s important at this point to make some injections right below the corners of the mouth, not only to raise them up, but also to tighten up your jaw line a little bit.


As far as recovery and upkeep go, there isn’t really much to be done at all. The only recovery time that you may need is if you have any bruising. This isn’t really common, but it does happen so it’s recommended that you clear your social calendar for a day or two just in case.

To care for your new Y-lift, your doctor may tell you to perform gentle massages around your injection sites for a few days in order to make sure your new look stays evened out and looking natural.

Y-lifts can be a great way to achieve an all-over facial rejuvenation. If you’re unhappy with the way your face looks, this may be just the thing you need to regain your confidence and feel in control of your aging.

It‘s a relatively painless and quick process which leaves little to no bruising and requires almost no upkeep. Remember though that it is only a temporary solution; after 4-6 months you’ll need another treatment but you’ll look great until then!

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If you’ve had a Y-lift, we’d love to hear about your procedure and how it worked for you in the comments section below.

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