Juvaderm – A Great Way To Fill Laugh Lines

What to Expect When Getting a Filler Injection for Laugh Lines

Have you put off getting a filler injection because you have no idea what to expect, or even if they’re right for you?

Well wonder no more, this article is all about what to expect when you sit down in the doctor’s chair for your very first filler.

Laugh Lines: Why Do They Happen?

Laugh lines are a normal part of the aging process, but they’re probably not something that you’re looking forward to. Laugh lines are the creases—or folds—that go from the sides of your nose to the corner of your mouth but by now, you probably already know that.

At a certain point, starting in your mid to late 20’s, laugh lines start to become more noticeable. This is due to several factors, one of which is that your skin loses its elasticity and your cheeks sag lower and lower as you age.

What Are Your Options?

There are many options available to help get rid of the physical signs of aging, including the appearance of laugh lines. A face lift can surgically lift your cheeks by pulling up the skin around your mouth but that requires surgery and several weeks to recover.

Another invasive measure is a subcision correction; it works to release the actual scar tissue that has formed over the years underneath your skin.

For something a little less obtrusive, fillers can be used to temporarily (or sometimes permanently) soften laugh lines. Fillers are the most popular because they’re low-risk, natural looking solutions that only takes a few minutes in your doctor’s office to complete.

You’ve Decided on a Filler: How Does Your Doctor Inject Them?

Now that you’ve selected (through careful research and doctor recommendation) one of the many FDA-approved injectable treatments, you probably want to know how the actual procedure will go. The following list is more or less what will go down in the doctor’s chair when you go to get your laugh lines filled in with Juvaderm or one of its sister products:

  • Prior to injection, your doctor will prep the injection site by gently rubbing alcohol over your skin in order to clean the area.
  • Next, your doctor will retrieve and open a pre-packaged, sterilized, syringe that already has the substance measured out. This is important – feel free to ask to see him do this!
  • Your doctor most likely has his or her own methods for injection but for a more natural look he or she may choose to first inject the product longitudinally along the fold, then perpendicularly in several spots along the fold.
  • Lastly the doctor may ask you to hold a sterile cloth pad to either side of the treatment area for a minute or two, to put pressure and reduce the risk of bruising.

Keep in mind, if you’ve chosen one of the more temporary treatments, the needle doesn’t have to be injected as deeply as if you choose Radiesse or ArteFill, which are a couple of the longer lasting treatments. Also, bruising isn’t very common when you’re just filling in your laugh lines but if slight bruising does occur, it should be really easy to cover up with make-up.

Remember, everyone gets laugh lines. They’re a natural part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean that you have to keep them! Injectables are affordable, less invasive than a surgical facelift, and you can be back to doing regular, everyday activities the same day.

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