Top 4 Youth Restoring Exercises for Your Cheeks

Avoid and Reduce Wrinkles With Yoga-Style Face Exercises

Just like the rest of your body, one of the things that make your face look older is a sagging appearance.

Don’t worry though; regardless of what you may think, saggy cheeks aren’t completely unavoidable.

Just like with your body, if you want to avoid muscle sag and wrinkles, you need to exercise them so that they stay firm and toned. Don’t seem so surprised. What? You didn’t ever think of your face muscles as actual muscles?

Well they are, and today we’re going to learn how to keep those cute apples on your cheeks firm, smooth, and rosy!

Facial Muscles

Before we actually get into the exercises, let’s talk about the muscles that you’re going to be working. Your face has more than 40 muscles in it that you can control so though these exercises may seem simple and look a bit silly, you may want to do them in front of a mirror while you’re mastering them.

  • Zygomaticus Minor and Major are the major muscles in your cheekbones. They’re the ones that you work when you smile.

  • Buccinators are the muscles that start at the corners of your mouth and run up underneath your cheekbones. You use them when you smile, too.

  • Orbicularis Oculi is your eye muscle that runs around your eye. When you crinkle your eyes, you’re using this muscle.

  • Procurus is the muscle between your eyes.

  • Levator Labii are your eye-to-mouth muscles. You also use them when you smile.

Now let’s get down to the exercises! Do each of these 3 times. You can either do 3 sets together, or do the entire sequence and then repeat it 2 more times.


This one’s named after Louis Armstrong, the famous trumpet player. If you notice, horn players don’t have saggy cheeks because they’re constantly using those muscles.

Start by filling your mouth up with air then puff the air back and forth from the left side of your mouth to the right. Keep puffing back and forth until you run out of breath then exhale. This works your Zygomaticus muscles.

Bugs Bunny

This one works the area around your nasolabial folds, aka the marionette lines, and also helps with the area around your nose to keep the whole area from sagging. Pretend you’re a rabbit and lift your nose. To add a little resistance, push your fingers gently in the folds on either side of your nose and then work to move those cheek and nose muscles without raising your eyebrows.

Prom Queen

This one strikes me as hilarious and makes me giggle when I do it. Try to keep a straight face though because it really is a good way to work your eye muscles, your cheek muscles, and your mouth muscles.

Open your mouth a bit and pull your cheeks back in a giant, fake smile! C’mon now – show me those teeth! Concentrate on pulling your cheeks clear back to your ears and keep your eyes wide open. Go for the insane prom queen look. Hold it for 10 seconds and release. Then repeat 4 times before moving on to the next exercise.

Smiling Fish Face

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Make a fish face by sucking your cheeks in and pushing your lips out. Then smile. It looks pretty weird and sounds pretty ludicrous too but it works well to tone your entire face.

Final Word

Now that you have some ideas for good facial exercises, get to work! Those cheeks aren’t going to stay toned and perky by themselves. For a total face workout, check out our next article, Facial Exercises for Your Eyes.

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If you have a good exercise that you do to keep your cheeks toned and free of wrinkles, tell us about it in the comments section below.

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