Get a Natural Face Lift Using Easy Facial Exercises That Work

Stretch and Tone You Face Muscles to Look Younger Without Surgery!

If you’re considering getting a facelift but dread the prospect of going under the knife, maybe you should consider some alternatives.

Facelifts are pricey and require recovery time, you have to worry about infection, and the procedure can make your face look stretched and fake, but is it your only choice?

No, it isn’t. Part of the reason that you get wrinkles is because the muscles in your face start to sag. You can prevent this from happening, or at least slow it down, but regularly exercising them just like you do the rest of your muscles.

The facie exercise routine that we’re going to discuss in the following paragraphs is easy, takes only a few minutes, and will give you real results that can help you look younger and more refreshed. Combined with a great skincare routine, it may just be as good as a facelift for you.

A Little Bit About Your Face

You have more than 40 muscles in your face and as you age, gravity begins to take its toll. Your facial muscles begin to lose tone and sag which results in wrinkles, hollow areas, and saggy chops. Definitely not the look that you’re going for if you have any sense of pride in your appearance at all.

Aging gracefully sounds great but it’s a myth – I, at least, would rather look young than “distinguished” any day of the week. If you’re like me, then you should be doing these exercises religiously as part of your anti-aging routine.

As a matter of fact, do them in the morning while you’re getting ready for work or in the evening when you’re cleansing and moisturizing. Shoot, for that matter, check out our other facial exercise articles and do one routine in the morning and one at night!

Let’s get started.


This is a great neck exercise and works your jaws as well. Tilt your head back, then open and close your mouth like you’re chewing. If you have TMJ this might feel weird to you if you’re doing it incorrectly. You shouldn’t be using your jaws – concentrate on using your neck muscles.

Straight-Mouthed Smile

This a neck exercise and face exercise as well as a cheek and mouth exercise. Pull the corners of your mouth back toward your ears sort of like you’re trying to smile hugely without raising the corners of your mouth. Try to use less of your mouth muscles and more of your facial muscles.

Downward Smile

Turn that smile upside down! Concentrate on pulling the corners of your mouth all the way to your chin. This works your chin muscles and keeps your mouth and lips nice and firm.

Chin Spring Press

Pretend for this face exercise that there’s a spring that goes from your chin to the base of your neck. You’re going to compress that spring and release it using your chin muscles. Pull down your chin as far toward your neck as you can and release.


This exercise works your eye muscles so that you don’t get saggy lids. You’re also working your forehead muscles so that you can avoid those nasty 11’s and horizontal wrinkles that start to appear in your late 30’s and early 40’s. As a bonus, this face exercise helps reduce tension throughout your entire face, as well.

All that you need to do is look surprised. In the video, she just tells you to raise your eyebrows but if you really want to give your face a good stretch, lower your jaw as well so that you extend the stretch down into your lower face.

In Sequence Now!

Stand square in front of the mirror and look yourself in the eye. Breath in, breathe out. Turn your head to the left to stretch your neck and hold for 5 seconds. Face forward again then turn your head to the right and hold for 5 seconds. Keep your chin up and keep breathing while you’re doing the stretches.

Face forward again and breathe in. Exhale as you drop your chin to your chest for 5 seconds and inhale as you bring your head back up and tilt it back. Begin the chewing exercise and continue to breathe as you do 20 repetitions. Bring your head back to your natural, forward-facing position and do the straight-mouthed smile, then downward smile, performing each exercise 20 times.

Next, do your Chin Spring Press and finish up with your surprised look. As usual, do 20 of each. That’s all that you have to do to tone your facial muscles so that you can look younger longer. The entire routine takes less than 5 minutes and it really can help keep your face looking firm. What do you have to lose besides wrinkles and tension?

Final Word

To read more about natural facial exercises, read the book Five-Minute Face-Lift: A Daily Program for a Beautiful, Wrinkle-Free Face. To learn about area-specific face exercises, check out our articles Facial Exercises for Your Mouth and Facial Exercises for Your Eyes.

If you’re using this routine, or if you have face exercises that you really like, please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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