Suzanne Somers: Don’t Wait on Resveratrol, It’s Already Here!

suzanne somers resveratrol

One of America’s most knowledgeable health care advocates, Suzanne Somers has been recognized for bringing out information on the latest anti-aging breakthroughs and preventive care through her television appearances and her bestselling books.

Recently, in reference to a story they did on resveratrol, Suzanne called out 60 Minutes saying, “60 Minutes, you are still my favorite show, but you only got part of this story correct!” According to the 60 Minutes interview, resveratrol won’t be available for years, but Suzanne doesn’t agree. She goes on to say, “I take Resveratrol every day.” She predicts that when the scientists create the synthetic version of the supplement, that it will cost a whole lot more, but without good reason.

So if you who were planning on waiting until the clinical trials for resveratrol were complete, Suzanne has a message for you- “My friends, you do not need to wait until the pharmaceutical companies create a synthetic replica of something that already exists and is readily available!”

We agree with Suzanne, but perhaps we should call her out and say that the 250mg resveratrol she links to on her blog are not the best resveratrol supplements available. now has 500mg resveratrol supplements available for purchase (see related products below).

Click here to read Suzanne’s blog post
Click here to watch the 60 Minutes interview

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