Biotin for Preserving Hair and Nails

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We all can get a case of hair or nail envy, it’s pretty easy. You see someone who has perfect, flowing, gorgeous hair or you see a beautiful pair of hands with a fantastic manicure and immediately wonder if the woman you are looking at has hair extensions or acrylic nails. Guess what? They don’t. Why? Because you can’t fake it in either of those areas.

If you are wondering how those women get the hair and nails that they have, the answer to this question is really related to one supplement that they women have incorporated into their diets… Biotin.

Biotin is a water soluble B complex vitamin which provides necessary enzymes that aid in the metabolism of certain fats, sugars and proteins. When you do not have enough of this particular vitamin in your body, certain areas start to break down, muscles can start to soften, hair and nails can become brittle and break, your skin can start to wrinkle and your nervous system can even be affected.

However, while you may see lotions and shampoos that advertise the fact that one of their components is Biotin, it is best if you receive this vitamin by absorbing it from the inside, instead of the outside, since Biotin is incorporated into the body when it is in the intestinal tract.

While Biotin is not yet licensed by the FDA, studies have shown that there is no reason why you should not incorporate this supplement into your diet as it contains all natural food and vitamin ingredients. An effective dosage for healthy hair and nails is 1000 to 3000 mg per day.

Not only will this supplement help you get the hair and nails you are looking for, it will also help keep your skin and digestive system healthy.

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