Best Calcium Supplement for Women

It is no secret that as you age, your body starts to lose or become deficient in areas that were not a problem when you were younger. This can in turn lead to problems with your health. One of the main issues that women face as they age is bone loss and loss of bone density. This is due to a calcium deficiency and can be a major problem that leads to debilitating conditions like osteoporosis.

Doctors will say that most women should begin taking a calcium supplement by the time they are thirty and should take a supplement of at least 500 milligrams a day.

However, it is also very easy to be confused by the amount of calcium products on the market today. While you can buy calcium supplements at a grocery store or a drug store that will work and are perfectly good for you, it is also important that you do not pick any bottle off the wall and make sure that the ingredients in the supplement are what you are looking for.

For instance, any supplement you buy should include Vitamin D as well. Vitamin D improves Calcium absorption by your body.

Next, also check to see how much calcium is in the serving size. This will help you understand and pinpoint how many capsules you have to take each day for the best results.

Remember, when deciding on a calcium supplement, it is best to first speak to a doctor or a dietician about what is best for your body and what will meet your needs the best in order to stay healthy and avoid diseases that can come as you age.

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