Scientists Identify Wrinkle Gene

If your skin is wrinkling, you probably have your PYCR1 gene to blame. In a research project involving over 15 hospitals and research centers in 13 different countries, scientists analyzed DNA samples from people with a rare genetic condition known as wrinkly skin syndrome. What they discovered was that those affected had similar mutations in their PYCR1 gene. This led scientists to learning the role this gene plays in the aging process of our skin.

Apparently the PYCR1 protein is located in our cell’s mitochondria, which is what provides the cell with energy. The findings suggest that increasing levels of the PYCR1 protein could potentially reverse conditions that cause premature aging for those affected and may lead to new and more effective products for reducing wrinkles for the rest of us.

So rather than cursing our PYCR1 genes, we may soon be thanking them for helping to maintain youthful skin!

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