Vitamin K and Retinol: Ultimate Eye Combo?

Your eyes are the one area of your face that can truly show your age, stress, lack of sleep, and dietary issues. If you have something going on in your life or if you do not take care of yourself the way that you should, your eyes will be the first thing to alert the rest of the world about it.

The reason being is that the skin around your eyes is very sensitive and very thin. This is the one area that is especially sensitive to age, dark circles, and other appearance related concerns.

Up until now, many women have wondered how to best take care of their eyes and we are happy to say that we finally have the answer. While there are many eye creams on the market that promise many things, it is best to get an eye cream that has both vitamin K and retinol as active ingredients.

Most of the best eye creams will contain both of these ingredients, however, make sure you pay attention and check the label.

First, the Vitamin K in the cream will help repair and strengthen the skin around the eyes that has thinned over time and allowed the capillaries under the skin to show through, which is the cause of dark circles. By making sure Vitamin K is included in your eye cream, you will lessen the appearance of dark circles and make your eyes look brighter.

Next, retinol is the most popular anti-aging ingredient on the market today. Women rave over the effects retinol has on their facial skin and the skin around your eyes can also benefit from this product. Retinol in an eye cream will not only prevent more wrinkles around your eyes from occurring, but it will also treat your existing eye wrinkles, allowing you to look younger.

When you combine these two ingredients in an eye cream, you are going to have the ultimate combo to fight against the ravages of time, stress, even a lack of sleep!

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