Top 5 Organic Youth Restoring Skincare Lines

Look Young and Flawless Without Harmful Chemicals!

Have you ever really looked at what’s in your makeup?

If so, did you understand what all of those chemical-sounding names were?

I know I didn’t. I just assumed that they wouldn’t put anything in there that was bad for me. What a silly assumption.

Just in one foundation alone, there was a compound used to refract light in roofing materials, a couple different toxic metals, and a chemical known by the state of California to cause cancer in lab animals.

Shocking, huh? Well not really when you consider that the FDA doesn’t regulate the contents of cosmetics.

Don’t worry though; thankfully, the demand for natural products that are both effective and safe, there are many organic cosmetics out there now and they just keep getting better. I’ve found 5 great lines that offer everything you need to fight time and look beautiful safely.

  1. Juice Beauty

    This company produces nothing but organic cosmetics including moisturizers, serums, foundations, powders, peels, cleansers and toners. Basically, if you need it for your face, Juice Beauty has it. And the great thing is that they have it in anti-aging products that are formulated with effective ingredients that are present in percentages high enough to actually be of use.

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  2. Colorescience

    Providing organic cosmetics to a diverse population, Colorescience is quickly developing a reputation for the quality of their ingredients as well as their easy to use applicators and variety of colors that use minerals to provide a glowing beauty that lasts all day long. The products are a bit pricey but those who use them swear that they are worth every penny.

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  3. Gratiae Organic Beauty by Nature

    Gratiae’s line is that they “invite your body and mind to a new adventure.” Their line includes products for your face, eyes, body, and nails. Unlike many lines, they also carry men’s products and users seem to love the products. A perusal of their ingredients show that they actually contain the ingredients to back up their claims to firming, lifting, revitalizing and age defying.

    Gratiae’s products contain no synthetic chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. The downside to this line is that, though the ingredients truly are wonderful, the products are pretty pricey. If you don’t mind shelling out big bucks for your products, then you may want to give Gratiae a shot.

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  5. Intelligent Nutrients

    Though not strictly a skincare line, Intelligent Nutrients is a company that provides certified organic products to consumers that have no parabens, toxic minerals, glycols, artificial fragrances, pesticides, phthalates, sulfates or silicones.

    All of their products are food grade and USDA certified organic. They believe that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, so if it’s not safe to eat, it’s not safe to rub onto your body. They use the latest in plant stem cell antioxidants to create products that reduce fine lines, wrinkles, redness, and other signs of aging.

    They also claim that their products lift, smooth and firm as well as increase collagen synthesis. User reviews are great, and the line is fairly extensive. Prices are pretty middle-of-the-road for anti-aging products, so if you’re looking for totally safe products made from promising ingredients, try this line out.

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  6. Eminence

    The final line that rounds out the top 5 organic age defying cosmetics lines is one that has already made quite a splach in both the anti aging and natural skin care worlds. Their products aren’t exactly cheap but they aren’t exorbitant either. That line is the Eminence line.

    Chock full of antioxidants, resveratrol, and other big guns in your age defying arsenal, Eminence produces quality products that users absolutely love. Depending on your needs, Eminence offers a complete line of products. They don’t carry makeup, but the quality of their other stuff is what puts them in our top 5.

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  7. If you’ve tried any of these lines, we’d love to hear what you think of them in the comments section below.

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