Smoking and Premature Aging

smoking premature aging

We all know that smoking is bad for our health. If it happens to be a nasty habit that you are hooked on, it is important that we tell you, once again, it’s time to quit!

Smoking is not only bad for your insides, it doesn’t only turn your lungs black and cause dirty and disgusting mucus to sit in your airways, it is also absolutely horrible and incredibly damaging to your outsides.

Whether you are young and have just started smoking because you think you look sophisticated with a nasty cancer stick in your hand or if you have been smoking for years, it is never too late or too early to quit. Let us repeat that, we do not want you to think about quitting, we want you to do it. Today, and not a second later.

Let’s paint another picture for you.

When you light up a cigarette, you are sending the signal that you are okay with the damage you are doing to your body. Your habit says that you are fine with the fact that you are prematurely aging yourself, turning your skin yellow, allowing fine lines and wrinkles to form around your mouth, coating your teeth with nicotine and allowing your skin to harden into a tough, leather-like substance.

Pretty picture, isn’t it?

You bet your life it isn’t.

With all of the technology out there and all of the skin creams and youth serums on the market today, there is not a single one that will prevent against or fight against the effect smoking has on your skin. The only sure fire way to protect your exterior is to stop puffing on that cigarette.

Think of this statistic. A person who averages 10 cigarettes per day for 10 years is more likely to look (and sound) like they are 40 when they are thirty. As much the new saying goes, “40 is the new 30,” I’m sure it is not meant to work in the reverse.

Come on ladies, you put oodles of thought into what you put on your feet, you obsess over the latest styles and spend thousands of dollars every year at cosmetic counters; with that being said, don’t you think it is smartest to start at square one and worry about what effect the chemicals you are putting into your body are having on your appearance?

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