Retinol and Sun Exposure

There are a variety of contradictions in the world of beauty today. Everyone wants to look young and healthy and have perfect skin, but then there is also a focus on making sure you look sun kissed in the summer and keep up a healthy glow in the winter.

For the record ladies, as much as any of us want to look like we just walked off the beach with a healthy tan, the fact remains the sun does nothing for us except age us prematurely and line our skin with ugly wrinkles. Therefore, it’s no secret that you need to wear sunscreen for any prolonged exposure in the sun.

However, while many of us want to make sure we look and feel healthy and love the feeling that some Vitamin D from the sun can give to us, many of us at the same time are also using the product Retinol.

Retinol is an active form of Vitamin A. It is successful in helping a person get rid of sun spots and other signs of aging like wrinkles and can help firm your skin and regain elasticity. However, this is also a product that cannot be used in conjunction with sun bathing or catching some rays, even if you use sunscreen at the same time.

Retinol will increase your skins sensitivity to light and if you use Retinol and then go lay out by the pool, you are more likely to cause more harm than good. You run the risk of a terrible sunburn, irritation and blisters. In addition, Retinol when used in direct sunlight can actually deepen wrinkles and have the reverse effect that you would hope to achieve with this product.

Therefore, there is one solution to this problem. If you want to get a healthy glow while using Retinol, you have one option, invest in a healthy self tanner that will give your skin the sun kissed look without spending hours basking in the harmful rays of the sun.

One of the best on the market and one that we personally recommend is Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel. This is a non-greasy product that allows you to easily apply to your skin without streaking or turning orange. You will look like you just got back from the Islands, while also protecting your skin and staying out of the harmful rays of the sun while you use Retinol.

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