Preventing Spider Veins

preventing spider veins

Every woman wants beautiful legs to show off, but many women, as they age, begin to develop spider veins which can seriously inhibit your ability to wear cute dresses and skirts, as well as prance around in the hottest pair of this season’s stiletto’s. However, if you take care of yourself and your legs as you get older, it is possible to prevent spider veins from showing up.

Spider veins happen as blood flow to your legs becomes constricted or reduced and the walls of your veins become weakened, resulting in red and blue lines on your legs.

Here are some steps to take so spider veins do not limit your wardrobe, or your appearance:

First, just as exercise is good for every part of your body, it is also a good preventative measure to take when trying to prevent spider veins. Exercise helps in this fight by increasing the circulation to your legs. Furthermore, if your job requires you to stand in one place for a long time, wear mild compression hose which can help with circulation.

Next, work on maintaining a healthy body weight. Let’s face it, the bigger you are and the more you weigh, the more work your circulatory system has to do. Being overweight can limit the flow of blood that reaches every part of your body.

Another tip is to keep your legs uncrossed, if possible, when you are sitting. When you cross one leg over the other, this also prevents blood from circulating easy and can reduce the flow of oxygen through your body.

The next tip is going to frustrate a lot of ladies.

In order to truly prevent spider veins, limit the amount of time that you spend wearing high heels. As fashionable as they look, they constrict your oxygen and blood flow more than any other type of shoe. If you love wearing high heels, think about bringing along a pair of flats to wear in the car or while sitting at your desk, changing your shoes through the day will give your legs, and your feet, a break.

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