Anti-Aging Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin

Surprisingly, skin care products can contain harsh products that irritate sensitive skin. Artificial additives, and strong scents cause break outs and pain. Thankfully, gentle new formulas hit the market everyday that take care of even the most finicky face.

Thick, oily anti-aging creams can easily overload sensitive skin, resulting in an oily complexion and dreaded blemishes. They can also be some of the best products on the market for hydration. Sometimes the difference is all in technique. Warming products before application, and dabbing versus rubbing or dragging can improve results dramatically.

Light, airy and easily absorbed products without harsh chemicals tend to do the best for sensitive users. Unfortunately the lack of artificial scents sometimes lends itself to a less appealing odor. Luckily, for most products this smell goes away soon after application.

The following three anti-aging moisturizers for sensitive skin have garnered our attention. How did they stack up? Let’s find out!

Crème de La Mer Moisturizing Cream

Rich in Sea Kelp Extract and Lecithin, Crème de La Mer’s signature moisturizing cream is great for smoothing wrinkles naturally and without irritation. While it may seem a little on the thick side, there is a prep procedure that involves warming it in the palm of your hand before application. This thins, as well as warms, the cream, and helps it absorb. Also, because it does not contain collagen or a greasy residue, this product is less likely to cause blemishes for those with sensitive skin.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar

Light and lovely, Hope in a Jar from the Philosophy line absorbs quickly and leaves no kind of residue. It gets great performance marks, and sells at a price the majority of consumers can appreciate. For the cost, you may not be able to find a better moisturizer on the market. Because it does not contain artificial scents, some say it has a strange smell when initially applied. However, if you have sensitive skin it is well worth it.

Korres Quercetin and Oak Night Cream

Because this product is a night cream, it’s a bit thicker than normally recommended for sensitive skin. However, it leaves the skin soft and refreshed in the morning, and the effects of the product’s hydration can be felt almost instantly. Those with sensitive skin have reported that the night cream soothes and reduces the redness of their face. It is well worth the money, and an integral part of any nighttime ritual for those in their 30s and beyond.

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