Matrixyl vs Matrixyl 3000

Matrixyl is a powerful little peptide that stimulates your skin. However, peptides can be synthesized in an infinite amount of combinations for varying results.

Is the Matrixyl 3000 compound an upgrade from regular Matrixyl or is it something completely different? Peptides can be confusing, which is why we will attempt to explain the differences between these two the best we can.


Matrixyl is a trademark name for palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, which is a peptide chain of fatty acids mixed with amino acids that stimulates collagen production. Loss of collagen leads to the thinning and wrinkling of aging skin, but Matrixyl helps to counteract this process. In fact, anti-wrinkle products containing Matrixyl have had clinical studies reporting wrinkle reduction by as much as 36%.

You will often see skin care products advertising the use of peptides, but the manufacturers rarely go into detail about them. For example, Olay’s new line of Regenerist products contain, “a concentrated form of an exclusive amino-peptide complex,” which is a fancy way of saying they contain palmitoyl pentapeptide-3. When looking for products with peptides like Matrixyl, it is important to know which ingredients you are looking for and skip straight to the back of the label.

Examples of Products with Matrixyl

Matrixyl 3000

Matrixyl 3000, another trademark name, is what’s called a matrikine combination. Matrikines are small peptides, usually between 3 and 8 amino acids, which until recently were not used for cosmetic purposes. Two matrikines, palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, combine to form Matrixyl 3000. It seems that they produce a synergy when used together. One stimulates collagen to speed the tissue repair process, while the other helps attract fibroblasts to the site of the wound.

While neither of Matrixyl 3000’s peptides are related to the original Matrixyl, the benefits are very similar. The results appear promising and Matrixyl 3000 provides significant reduction in both the depth and volume of wrinkles.

Examples of Products with Matrixyl 3000


Both ingredients are widely used by some of the top skin care manufacturers today and have proven to be highly effective at reducing wrinkles. However, while Matrixyl 300 claims to be more effective than Matrixyl, it remains to be proven by independent published clinical studies. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure, selecting a product with either of these active ingredients is certain to provide good results on aging skin.

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