Anti-Aging Makeup Tips

anti-aging makeup

As you age, your facial appearance changes due to loss of skin elasticity, sun damage and everyday applications that can harm more than help your skin. Luckily, with a few helpful makeup tips, these signs of aging can be reduced leaving a fresher, younger and cleaner appearance to your face.

For small crow’s feet or creases beneath and at the corners of the eyes, dab a small amount of vitamin E oil or a heavy moisturizer along these areas prior to applying foundation. A moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher is best to protect the skin from further sun damage. Although most foundations today do contain a certain amount of sun protection, adding a bit more into the bottle will not only ensure protection from sun damage but provide an extended amount of moisturizer as well.

Aging skin can also create areas of discoloration, or age spots. To remedy this, apply a thin coat of lighter colored foundation or oil-based concealer to the darker areas, blending well into your face. Use your preferred oil-based foundation and blush on top, blending together well.

Because the skin under your eyes gets particularly sensitive the more you mature, special care must be taken to ensure this area remains fresh. Using a mousse-type or whipped foundation in a lighter shade will brighten the area while concealing both crow’s feet and dark under eye circles.

Avoid using heavy powders or mineral-based foundations on the skin. Heavy powders, while good for creating sheer coverage, can settle into small wrinkles and creases of mature facial skin making it appear all the more evident. Use an oil-based foundation and blush with a sponge applicator. If a powder is needed or desired, use only a light application of sheer or translucent shades. Apply lightly with a natural hair bristle brush in a downward motion beginning at the temples, along the hair line and towards the cheeks and chin, blending underneath the jaw line.

Lips can suffer from small creases and wrinkles due to years of dryness. Because of this, lip color can fall within these lines making the lips appear smeared an unkempt. To avoid this, apply a small amount of powder with an eye shadow applicator or cotton swab along the lip line. Use a water based lip pencil just along the inside of the lip line, avoiding the skin around the lips as much as possible.

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