Looking Younger at 40

looking younger at 40

Let’s face it, a popular saying at the moment is “forty is the new thirty.” If we really want to analyze this, age, and the way you feel about it, truly is a state of mind. However, we also do know that forty is a milestone age for a lot of people, especially women.

Regardless, the fact is, if you just turned forty or are about to cross that threshold, and you feel that your looks don’t mirror how young you feel internally, then there are things that you can do in order to look younger at the age of forty, without going “under the knife” or dropping thousands of dollars on expensive cosmetic procedure.

The first thing to do? Smile. Now look at your teeth. Teeth are a major indicator of age, the more discolored they might be, the older you probably are. That’s not to say that we are telling you your teeth going to rot out of your mouth, absolutely not! More than likely, the stains you see are the result of red wine, coffee, genes or other habits (don’t even get us started if you smoke and are worried about the way you look.) The fact is, for whiter teeth, there are a variety of drugstore products you can buy for $20 or $30 dollars or you can go to your dentist and invest in more permanent and long term whitening products that could set you back a few hundred. Regardless of what you decide, whiter teeth will take years off your face.

Next, take yourself to your hair salon and get a new, feature flattering hair cut and color. Regardless if it looks great on men as they age, gray hair very rarely looks good on women. Therefore, invest in a new color, get some highlights. Typically, if you want to look younger get a color that is a shade lighter than your real color. However, ladies, don’t go platinum blonde. When we try to look way too young and trendy, it just doesn’t work. Therefore, ladies, act your age and make your exterior look classy, by the time you have reached forty, you should know that you have the maturity and wisdom to go along with your innate sense of style, and that is sexy.

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