Japanese Skin Care & Anti-Aging Secrets

japanese skin care secrets

The goal of Japanese skin care is to have flawless porcelain skin and over centuries they have developed highly effective techniques for achieving it. With a traditional approach, the Japanese use mostly natural botanicals and elements from the earth in their regimens. However, while these methods are customary to the Japanese, they may seem quite unusual to those of us in the west, so how far would you be willing to go for skin like Nicole Kidman?

Drinking Collagen with Water or Green Tea

For just a few dollars a day, drinking collagen with your water or tea is a simple and cheap remedy for reducing wrinkles, hiding those blemishes and firming up your skin. Collagen is needed for skin strength and elasticity and for many years Japanese women have been drinking large doses of collagen as supplement to their diets.

In the west, collagen has been widely used by doctors in various types of cosmetic surgery. We have doctors inject it into our face and lips and we rub it into our wrinkles daily with creams, lotions and serums. However, in the east it is soo popular that you can even buy flavored bottles of tea or water containing 10,000 mg of collagen dissolved in it right at the corner store or out of vending machines.

Eating Collagen Infused Food

As the main protein of the connective tissue in animals, collagen is a long, fibrous protein that gives strength and structure to tissues and cells. However, unlike in America, collagen infused food is everywhere in Japan. From restaurants to collagen-rich beef tendons at the local grocery store, collagen food seems to be everywhere in Japan.

Nightingale Droppings Facial

This is not a joke, but rather an extremely common practice in Japan. Apparently, nightingale droppings have a beneficial enzyme that has been used for centuries in Japanese facial treatments. The droppings are turned into a fine and almost odorless powder that is mixed with face wash when cleaning your face or mixed with pastes and applied as a face pack. Nightingale droppings are said to lighten the skin while smoothing the complexion and leaving the skin feeling soft and nourished.

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