Causes of Spider Veins

spider veins

Every woman fears the onset of the appearance of varicose or spider veins on her body, especially on her legs, which is the one place they show up the most. However, many doctors and experts cannot come to one conclusion as to why some women are affected more than others.

The cause for spider veins is largely and broadly based on circulation issues or problems within the body and there is no clear determination over whether preventative measures always work when employed on an individual basis.

Doctors agree that outside of circulation issues, the causes of spider and varicose veins lie on the following:

  • Pregnancy: When a woman is pregnant, she tends to gain weight. This can lead to the weakening of vein walls while there is also a significant increase in blood volume. This can lead to greater pressure being placed on the circulatory system. However, if a woman develops spider veins during pregnancy, she has a good chance of losing them too after her body goes back to normal functions after the baby is born.

  • Age: The development of spider veins is likely to first occur between the ages of 18 and 35, and finally end or taper off between the ages of 50 and 60.

  • Gender: Women are more likely to develop spider veins than a man is.

  • Hereditary Condition: Individuals who have parents who were prone to spider veins are more likely to develop them as they age.

  • Lifestyle Factors: People who sit or stand for long period of time, do not exercise, are overweight, wear binding clothing, take birth control pills, or have a high number of pregnancies are more likely to develop spider veins than those people who do not have these factors in their life.

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