Causes of Dark Circles Around Eyes

dark circles around eyes

We all want to look our best, unfortunately, sometimes our bodies work against that goal. Most women look in the mirror and are not as vexed about their gray hair or their wrinkles as much as they are when they see dark circles around their eyes. After all, this affliction ages you more than anything else.

Now, you may believe that the dark circles around eyes are the result of not getting enough sleep or partying a little too much the night before. However, that might not be the case and regardless of how much sleep you get, there could be another cause for this.

One of the causes for under eye circles is a loss of collagen, the thinning of skin, and loss of fat cells around your eyes which can make the circles more obvious. There are many creams that can increase the collagen under your eyes and help protect the skin around your eyes. Do not try to use a broad based body cream on this sensitive area.

Furthermore, if you see the appearance of dark under eye circles, consider your lifestyle. How much alcohol do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you tan or are you exposed to the sun? All of these factors can damage the skin and the cells under your eyes and lead to pigmentation problems, which lead to the appearance of dark under eye circles.

Consider wearing sunglasses every time you are out in the sun and buy an intensive eye cream both for day and night usage. Be careful when you apply makeup and only dab or blot makeup or concealer around your eyes. This skin is one of the most sensitive areas on your body and you must protect it at all times.

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