Best Foundation for Aging Skin

As you age and wrinkles start to appear, the last thing that you want to do is use a foundation that dulls your skin and makes you appear older.

Unfortunately, many liquid foundations settle into creases and do just that. What you need is an awesome foundation that fills those lines instead of making them even more noticeable.

A Little Pricey But Worth It

In the “splurge” category, one of the best foundations on the market is Lift Lumiere by Chanel. This is one of the newest products in Chanel’s anti-aging line and it not only provides you with a flawless finish, it also works to lift and firm your skin. The foundation is oil-free and contains moisturizers so that your face don’t look dry or cakey as the day wears on. This product is available both online and in fine department stores.

Affordable Yet Effective

A great foundation for mature skin that can be found at your local drug or department store is L’Oreal Visible Lift Line Minimizing Makeup. This product provides excellent coverage and evens your skin tone just like L’Oreal’s other foundations do. It also works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on more mature skin when used regularly.

In fact, many users report that they saw a dramatic reduction in signs of aging within two weeks. The makeup is oil-free and is SPF 17, so it helps protect your face from sun damage. This particular foundation is recommended for women who have normal to dry skin.

Either of these foundations should be used as part of a complete skin care regimen. For best results, use a good cleanser and anti-aging moisturizer before applying your foundation.

What do you think the best foundation for aging skin is? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

12 Responses to “Best Foundation for Aging Skin”
  1. Linda Gleason says:

    I have used numerous drug-store and department store type makeup foundations and the best yet for me (50’s) is Clinique’s Repairwear foundation. It is wonderful!

  2. Karen Patrick says:

    I have used many different brands of foundation & always seem to go back to Revlon. Their products (not only foundation) are so consistently good. I particularly like their long lasting foundation. I have combination/oily skin even at my age (60). Hated it all of my life but now I see that it really is a good thing because I don’t have many wrinkles at all & I look younger than many girls 10 years younger than I am. But I find that a matte finish of the long wearing Revlon Light foundation dries to a matte finish unlike other foundations that go on sort of too creamy & to me, it always feel too slick & I am shiny within a few minutes.

  3. Carol says:

    At 61 I still go back to Revlon stay put foundation. I have tried expensive brands Chanel etc. and always find Revlon to give me the best covarge without getting greasy or wearing off. In the winter I do have to put a heavier moisturizer on but Revlon is the best. I get compliments on my skin all the time!

  4. Carol says:

    Did I also mention how my skin does not breakout with the Revlon foundation? It is hands down the best match for women of all ages and skin types!

  5. CindyC says:

    I am the type of consumer who reads EVERYthing I can about anti-aging products. I am 36 with minimal lines but only b/c i adhere to every little recommendation we’ve all read about. I’ve tried all the beauty lines of moisturizers and I even use Vitamin A. I have not seen anything come even close to the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer from Made from Earth in terms of creating a very glowing, dewy look and, when used consistently, meaning day and night, will make a BIG difference in those frown lines. I am so amazed by the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer that i just purchased another jar when i’m only a quarter of the way through my old one! I’m scared they may discontinue on me!!

  6. annastasia says:

    I am 52, but always get told that I look more like 42, which makes me pretty happy. For the last 5 years, I have been using only natural oils, that I mix up in my own creams, and they have made a huge difference in my skin, wish I could bottle it and sell it to women. I even put hylauronic acid(sp!)in them, as well as any other of the latest things I am able to buy. Make my own chapsticks, too, have made awesome Dr.Pepper flavored ones. I tried the Loreal Visible Lift foundation last summer, the one with the brush, and LOVE, LOVE it! Yesterday, they were on for a bit of a sale, so I stocked up on them. Makes my skin look glowing, does not settle into any lines, I will always be worrying that they might discontinue to it, then I will be lost! Try it, you will love it.

  7. annastasia says:

    By the way, am I able to get any coupons from that company, would be great to get some.

    • Theresa says:

      Hi annastasia! I looked for some coupons for you and the website actually has some money off offers. Go to and click on the “special offers” tab. Also, you may want to check out the link that we provided in the article because many times, there are better deals on amazon or other sites that we use than any manufacturers coupon would get you. Thanks for the comments! :)

  8. DianaFrantis says:

    Great it really works for me.

  9. I really like the Revlon light foundation, too, though it seems like if I don’t use my primer, it settles into my lines. Also, be careful with the colors and try to go somewhere like to Target where you can actually look at the colors on your hand or your face before buying it. Besides that, it’s one of the better ones though.

  10. Healthnut says:

    I have the same problem with this foundation. I love it for the first half hour that it’s on, but then I begin noticing it settling into my creases. Unfortunately, for some reason primers break me out so that’s not an option for me.

    What I finally ended up trying out of sheer frustration was mixing my foundation with my daily moisturizer. I use my fingers to apply the typical foundation dots – cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, then also apply dots of moisturizer beside the and rub them in together. I use a bit less foundation than I usually do to avoid streaks.

    It seems to have solved my problem for now, at least until I can find a foundation that doesn’t do this to me.

  11. Kaybee01 says:

    Still having hard time finding best foundation. I am over 60, have dry skin and rosacea. Any suggestions appreciated.

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