Best Anti-Puffy Eye Creams

What woman doesn’t hate to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see puffy eyes? It makes us look older, tired and just plain unattractive. Quite literally, it can ruin our day.

To understand how to help reduce the puffiness, you first need to know what causes it. Throughout the day, we blink our eyes thousands of times, which keeps the blood flowing. At night, however, our eyelids are mostly immobile and the blood circulation comes to a halt. In addition, because of the immobility, our eyelids accumulate water and salt, causing the eye tissues to distend and swell.

When looking for an eye cream product to help reduce puffiness, you will want to look for natural antioxidants such as green tea, yeast extracts and Vitamin E; sea minerals which help firm the skin; botanical extracts for a regenerating effect and which also restores skin’s elasticity; eyebright and sea lettuce extracts which are anti-inflammatories that also contain astringent properties to help to re-mineralize the delicate area surrounding the eyes; and ivy which boosts blood circulation.

There are many eye products on the market today that promise to make your eyes look younger and healthier. Unfortunately, not all of these products live up to their claims. However, there are two anti-puffy eye creams at the top of our list that do provide the promised results.

Barielle AM Puffy Eye Relief Cream should be used daily to help rid your eyes of dark circles and puffiness. This product contains the antioxidants of Japanese Green Tea, yeast extracts and Vitamin E, as well as sea minerals and extracts to help firm the delicate area under your eyes for a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Lierac Paris DioptiGel Anti-Puffiness should be applied daily. Not only is it an anti-puffiness gel, but offers the tissue strengthening properties of Alehemilla vulgaris extract and ivy for stimulating blood circulation. It also contains chamomilla, which is a known anti-inflammatory but also contains softening, disinfecting and healing properties. This product is free of artificial coloring and fragrance.

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