Anti-Aging for 20 Year Olds

If you’re in your 20’s you’ve probably noticed the plethora of anti-aging products out there and wondered if you should be using them as a preventative measure. The answer is maybe. If you have problems with your skin such as uneven tones, rosacea, or signs of early aging then there are several products that may be good for you. If you have healthy skin then there are age-appropriate products that will help you keep your skin looking great for years. The best anti-aging regimen for 20-somethings consists of a great diet, healthy living habits and quality skincare products.

Great Diet

The best thing in the world for your skin is a low-fat diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The reason that antioxidants are so important is because they fight the free radicals that cause damage to your skin as well as many other diseases. By making sure that you eat plenty of them, you are preventing the damage before it occurs.

You should also drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. That may sound like a lot but if you just carry a bottle with you and sip throughout the day, you’ll be amazed by how much you drink and how much better your skin will look.

Good living habits

In order to slow the signs of aging, there are good habits that you should develop and bad habits that you should either break or avoid. By making good decisions now and treating your body well, you can do a ton to reduce the early signs of aging.

Think natural! There are some great natural products that you can use to protect your skin. For instance, use coconut oil on your face each night before bedtime. Focus on gently massaging the oil into areas on your face that are prone to damage first, your forehead, around your eyes and around your mouth. Coconut oil is a great natural remedy when it comes to protecting and preventing against aging of the skin.

Also, it is important while you are in your 20’s that you start using a daily sunscreen under or mixed with a moisturizer. As much as you may love a tan right now, you are going to hate the wrinkles it causes when you look in the mirror in 15 years and feel 20 years older. Think of it this way, sun kissed skin is so passé, some of the most successful actresses today, like Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway, look more like a china doll and less like shoe leather. Follow their lead.

Finally, use a moisturizer all over your body each morning and night. A great, inexpensive one is St. Ives Apricot Scrub, it only costs around $3.00 but it will make your skin retain moisture and look fantastic!

10 Responses to “Anti-Aging for 20 Year Olds”
  1. Char says:

    I like this article, and I keep coconut oil in my cupboard all the time. I’m 25, but people always think I’m 19-22 and I want to stay that way. I only occasionally drink alcohol, never smoke, etc.

  2. anon says:

    This is intetesting, I’m 20 and I use anti aging oroducts in the hope that it will prevent wrinkles but after reading this I now realise why some creams make my eyes water (strong chemicals) so may be doing damage, will certainly start reading into natural products more.

  3. Zahra says:

    I really like this article

    • Theresa says:

      Thanks Zahra! We’re glad that you enjoyed it. Is there anything else that you’d like for us to talk about that we haven’t already covered?

  4. Zum says:

    Hey guys, im 20 also and I have been exposed to alot of sun throughout my life. I tan alot in summer.. I wanted to know how I could prevent from wrinkling in the near futer, or if it is too late.. Thanks!

    • Emma says:

      I am 23 but feel my skin needs a little help I am currently undergoing ILP laser for broken blood vessels and have just bought olay firm and lift which is recommended for 40+ is itvok to use or will it cause damage my skin ?

      • Theresa says:

        Hi Emma! There’s nothing in the Olay products that will damage your skin just because you’re younger, and maybe it’ll be better since your skin is still so young! Enjoy the product!

  5. Barbara Paris Strigoi says:

    This is an EXCELLENT article! It really answered a lot of my questions. And they give examples of products which is very nice…. I’m 20 and I was wondering if I had to use anti-aging products…. I really love this article. :)

    • Theresa says:

      Hi Barbara! I’m glad that our article was interesting and useful to you! Did you try any of the products that we suggested? If so, how are they working for you?

  6. AgeProof says:

    Just chiming in as a woman who was in your shoes 30 years ago – the three biggest agers are the sun, smoking and stress. If you want to keep your skin (and the rest of you!) young and healthy, don’t ever start smoking, use a ton of sunscreen and start a good exercise and meditation plan to help you fight stress.

    Yoga has worked wonders for me, and I get the rest of my therapy on the back of a horse. Unfortunately, I smoked for 20 years and now have little lines around my mouth to show for it. Yuck. Thank goodness I don’t have cancer though! I quit 15 years ago but the skin damage was done.
    Anyway, good luck and stay beautiful!

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