Owner’s Manual for Extending Your Warranty

You Staying Young

The book, You Staying Young: The Owner’s Manual for Extending Your Warranty is the latest in the “You” series by Drs. Michael Rosen and Mehmet Oz. This book looks to examine the aging process, why the process doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing and why it actually is a necessary part of life that can be beneficial to all of us.

The authors of this book look to educate readers about components in the aging process that if handled correctly, can actually extend your life. In addition, they look to examine they ways that people can actually control which aging processes start at what point in their lives through exhibiting specific behavior relating to diet and exercise and taking control of bad habits or ultimately, the genes you were born with.

This book is not only incredibly entertaining, but it is also based on medical fact and research. The authors, who are both well known medical doctors, are able to keep the subject matter light and lively and truly engage a reader with their vivid, humorous drawings and examples, as well as empowering readers to take charge of their own health and their own perception of their health.

The tactics discussed in this book are all simple solutions to protect yourself from the aging process and to lengthen your life. Whether it is doing something easy, such as walking for a half an hour each day or removing toxins and chemicals from your house, the doctors aim to provide real life solutions as well as budget friendly ideas that will help extend your life, keep you looking and feeling great, and slow down the aging process that can lead to health problems and the breakdown of body processes.

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