What Is This BB Cream That Everyone’s Talking About?

BB Cream: What Is It, Do You Need It, and How Do You Use It?

Have you been hearing the term “bb cream” bandied about but have no idea what it means?

If so, then join the crowd. This latest, supposedly greatest addition to the beauty scene is really making a splash, but it’s hard to spend your money on yet another face cream when you don’t even know what it is.

Well pull up a chair because by the end of this article, you’re not only going to know what it is, you’ll know how to use bb cream, and what ingredients to look for. Finally, we’ll discuss some of the bess bb creams and you’ll get some links to affordable products.

Let’s get started!

What is BB Cream and Where Does it Come From?

BB cream is short for for blemish balm (some say brightening balm or beauty balm but the original term was blemish balm) and it appears to have originated in Korea. This product has been big business in Asia for more than a decade so it’s kinda surprising that it’s taken this long to hit the States and Europe.

Now to answer to real question – what is bb cream, REALLY? BB cream is a multi-purpose product that has both makeup and skincare properties. Depending upon which product you choose, some blemish balms also have wrinkle fighting properties or ingredients to help prevent or eliminate age spots and sun damage.

Typically, your beauty balm will:

  • Act as a primer for your foundation
  • Provide hydration and even your skin tone like a tinted moisturizer
  • Cover minor blemishes like a concealer
  • Brighten your complexion like a lightener or toner
  • Hydrate and protect you from sun damage like a good day cream

As we’ve already mentioned, it may have some youth-restoring or wrinkle fighting ingredients in it, too.

How Do You Use BB Cream?

The beauty of bb cream is that you can either use it alone to get a lightweight, natural-looking coverage or you can use your blemish balm as a moisturizing primer underneath your foundation. Depending upon the occasion and your particular beauty needs, either way is fine.

I like to use mine by itself during the day to even out my skin tone and get a nice, dewy glow. At night, I apply it under my foundation just like I used to use primer. I do use sunscreen underneath mine during the day though.

Picking the Best BB Cream

Choosing the best bb cream is just like choosing the right foundation or the perfect moisturizer. It’s all a matter of perspective and depends on what your beauty needs are. A few things to remember, though:

  • BB cream usually only has a light tint and provides basically sheer coverage. If you have real problem spots such as age spots or acne, you may need concealer or full foundation.
  • There are limited shades available so choosing a bb cream that matches your skin tone exactly may be challenging. Watch the base colors because some of them tend to be pinker than others.
  • If your skin tends to be oily, choose a bb cream that won’t make your problem worse, or you may need to skip it altogether
  • Finally, choose a bb cream specifically formulated for your particular needs. Different blemish balms have different corrective qualities and are meant for different types of skin. Get one that meets your needs.

What Are The Best BB Creams?

There are many good blemish balms out there but finding the best bb cream among them is tough. Also, some of them are extremely pricey so if you’re not sure which one will match your tone, try to get a travel size if you can. That’s one of the reasons that I like the Missha BB creams; you can get minis to try before investing in a full-sized product.

The Missha BB Creams come in 4 different formulations in order to meet the needs of most people. The one created specifically for the needs of mature skin is their M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF 25. It comes in 3 different shades and doesn’t have a yellow cast to it.

Another great bb cream is SKIN79’s Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream. This is the one most suited for general anti-aging needs and it’s also fairly affordable.

Finally, if you’re like me and prefer to use botanical or natural products, you’re going to love BRTC’s bb creams. Specifically, BRTC’s Gold Caviar BB Cream is formulated to nourish mature skin while helping fight wrinkles, protect you from the sun, brighten your skin, and detoxify your pores while providing great coverage.

Final Word

As promised, you now know what bb cream is and how to choose the right bb cream for your skin. You also have some solid leads on some high-quality products so what are you still reading for? Go find the bb cream that’ll help you fight your individual youth-restoring battle in just one step!

If you’ve used any of these bb creams or have found one that you just can’t live without, please share your experience with us in the comments section below!

3 Responses to “What Is This BB Cream That Everyone’s Talking About?”
  1. Donna says:

    Has anyone used BRTC’s Gold Natural BB cream? What was your experience with it? I’m very leary since I had such a bad rash reaction to L’Oreal’s BB cream.

    • Theresa says:

      Hey Donna,

      I’m going to do a review on BRTC’s BB Cream and will post a link for you here when it’s done. I don’t blame you for being leary!

  2. skindiva says:

    I had a wicked reaction to L’Oreal’s BB Cream, too. As a matter of fact, I’ve had a bad reaction to several of their products lately. I’m not sure why because I’ve used their stuff without a problem for years but their Youth Code products give me a terrible rash. I tried the BRTC Gold at a friend’s house and absolutely loved it. I’m planning to purchase it when I order my next round of makeup.

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