Timeless Secret Reviews and Complaints

Timeless Secret is a skin care system that includes an AM Day Moisturizer, a Skin Perfecting Night Treatment, an Accelerating Booster, Wrinkle Corrector, a Polishing Mask, and a Foaming Face Wash. The majority of customers rave about Timeless Secret, with very few complaints.

Timeless Secret is a high-end skin care product that has been featured in fashion magazines. Touted as the skin care to the spas, Timeless Secret claims to make consumers look younger in 14 days and to instantly firm skin in as little as 15 minutes. Timeless Secret is made of 16 different ingredients including smart ceramides, multi peptide blend, panthenol, shea butter, vitamin E, sunflower oil, vitamin C, grape extract, essential citrus oils, and salicylic acid. Timeless Secret contains no artificial fragrances.

The majority of customers agree that Timeless Secret lives up to it’s claims. Customers say their skin looks brighter, healthier, and less dry. Customers state Timeless Secret has cleared their acne, where other products have failed. They love the fresh citrus smell of Timeless Secret.

Rave reviews have been given over the Wrinkle Booster which fills tiny lines and wrinkles and locks the Day Cream into the wrinkles, filling them and making them less noticeable. The products sit lightly on the face and do not feel heavy, oily, or greasy.

Customers love the tingling sensation of the Foaming Face Wash and have stated time and again how easily their make up glides on over the AM Day Moisturizer. Women of all skin types and ages have loved the noticeable difference and improvement they saw in their skin in a short period of time. The few complaints received were of people who claimed their skin felt tight after using the Foaming Face Wash. The women admitted they were not following their skin care cleaning regimen with the Skin Perfecting Night Treatment, which is designed to moisturize as they sleep. Not properly following directions will affect the beneficial properties of the treatments.

Overall, Timeless Secret is a beauty must have. The natural ingredients and lack of alcohol, combined with the pleasing fragrance and proven wrinkle fighter make women appear younger in less than 2 weeks. The reviews all overwhelmingly back up Timeless Secret’s claims. Despite complaints by a small number of customers who did not follow the directions as printed, Timeless Secret can help any woman of any skin type look younger and have firmer skin.

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