Staging Your Comeback

Staging Your Comeback

When you are a woman over the age of forty-five, it is easy to get frustrated by all of the “youth-centric” information that is on the market today, what’s more, is that it is easy to end up confused by the materials presented, are they for twenty-year olds, or are they for you?

In the book, “Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45,” Author, Christopher Hopkins, explains the “Do’s” and the Absolute “Do-Not’s” that any woman over the age of forty-five must follow if she truly wants to look fabulous.

This book is geared towards women who are facing the second half of their lives and encourages women to break out of this idea that you have to wear mini-skirts and halter tops in order to look sexy or be sexy.

While this book does provide some helpful tips and encouragement to make the most of your appearance, unfortunately, the author, who is also known as The Makeover Guy, can become somewhat annoying in his shameless self promotion and the fact that he likes to talk, at length, about his personal victories when making over a women over forty-five. While he has been recognized by Oprah for his skill and expertise, the reader at times would really like to scream out, “More about me! Less about you!” Needless to say, there are some great pictures of before and after shots that speak to his ability to work wonders, a reader just needs to be forewarned before reading this book and realize that his ability also comes with a massive ego.

When the material is focused on you, a reader will realize that Hopkins does address common beauty concerns and questions from older women with enormous compassion. There is an understanding that this is a new time in your life that requires special navigation, and he works, as well as possible, to help you reach your ultimate beauty goals.

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