CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation Review

Simply Ageless or Simply Hype?

One of the worst things about dealing with aging skin is trying to get a smooth, flawless look with a good foundation.

No matter how perfect the color is, or how good it looks initially, when it settles into your fine lines and accentuates them instead of hiding them, you just want to scream.

Covergirl and Olay claim to have come together to offer the solution with their new Simply Ageless foundation but does it live up to its name?

The Claims

Infused with Olay’s Regenerist Serum, Simply Ageless supposedly remains on top of fine lines and wrinkles instead of settling into them. They also claim that you’ll notice significant improvement in the condition of your skin in only 4 weeks. Finally, Let’s see if it has the stuff to back this up.

We already know that Regenerist Serum is packed with peptides and is well-loved by those who use it. It’s costly, but not as much as some of the other serums, and it has a happy following. It should follow then, that a cosmetics company that’s been trusted for years could pair this wonder serum with their foundation and create a product that does what they promise.

The Real Story

Apparently the reviews are mixed. There are 3 main complaints from those unhappy with the foundation. The first is that some people find that the packaging is extremely hard to open. This is an issue, especially considering that the product is targeted at an older audience.

The second issue is that Simply Ageless settles into fine lines. This is a real problem because that’s exactly what CoverGirl says that the foundation WON’T do. It seems that this is a bigger issue for women with dry skin and for those who use the foundation without first using a moisturizer or the other products in the line as recommended.

People do report that their skin feels better and that wrinkles seem to be diminished when they don’t have on makeup. The problem is that the makeup settles into some people’s fine lines, and also a few women report that it smears off onto your hands and clothes even hours after application.

The final complaint about this foundation is that the color match system doesn’t work very well and the shade that you’re told is right for you may very well be too light by a couple of shades.

The Final Word

The final word on CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation is that you need to use a primer or moisturizer first for best effect, and you may want to use a powder or some other “setter” on top of it. It does have sunscreen in it, but if it doesn’t stay on then that won’t do you much good.

You may also want to go a shade or two darker than the Color Match recommends. Oh, and just so you know, CoverGirl stands by their products and if you have a problem, call them up. They’re good about working with you.

If this sounds like a product you’d like to try, click here to find CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation.

If you’ve used this foundation, please let us know about how it worked for you in the comments section below.

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