Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Cleansing Facial Wipes Review

Great Facial Cleansing or a Simple Waste of Money

When you have sensitive skin, even taking your makeup off can be cause for worry.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you’re not alone. Every day, millions of people search for products that will clean their faces without causing dry patches, acne outbreaks or other types of painful, embarrassing irritation.

Simple Sensitive Skin Experts claim to have created a line of facial cleansers that’s perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Let’s take a look at one of the most potentially awesome products in the line, the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes.

What Do They Claim?

Simple claims that these wipes will remove dirt, makeup, and even waterproof mascara while refreshing and nourishing your skin. It has an added vitamin B5 that helps soften, restore, and smooth your skin. According to them, it does all of this with no alcohol, oils, dyes, harsh irritants or artificial perfumes.

What’s In It?

A quick glance at the ingredients label leaves me a bit confused because the sixth ingredient is cetearyl alcohol, a fatty alcohol. Wait just a minute – didn’t they advertise no oils and no alcohol? Hmm. What else is in this natural, “simple” product?

On down the list, there’s Ceteareth-20 and 12. You may recognize these by their more common names: PEG-20 and PEG-12. These solubilizing agents are ranked with a 4-7 (moderate/high) risk rank by Skin Deep.

There’s also Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1 which is a preservative ranked with a high risk rank that’s suspected to be a human immune system toxicant. Yay – rhere’s all kinds of garbage in these wipes. Oh, and no good natural product would be complete without a couple of different parabens, also found in Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes.

What Are Users Saying?

I’m going to start this one off a bit unusually. Instead of using only data gathered from a large pool of users, I’m going to include my own experience as well. I have sensitive skin and will break out like a 15 year old and get painful dry patches on my chin at the drop of a hat. I also like to use waterproof liquid liner and mascara.

As you can imagine, it’s tough for me to find a makeup remover that works without irritating my skin and I was excited when a friend gave me a pack of these to review for this blog. The first time that I used them I was impressed. I thought that I’d finally found a good facial wipe for my sensitive sin.

No scent at all, the wipes were strong and soft, and my makeup came off easily. The wipes were soft and the sticker that’s used to close it worked well to keep the wipes moist. My face felt a bit tingly but I thought that it was just because it had the vitamins and moisturizers in it.

The next morning, I had moderate dry patches and a fine rash on my cheeks. I’d also changed moisturizers so I didn’t want to blame the wipes offhand so for the next two days, I skipped the moisturizer. By the third day my face was a mess. I had a wicked dry patch and the fine rash was red and had gotten worse.

At that point, I took a look at what some other users had to say about these wipes. Apparently, I’m in the minority as usual. Nobody else is reporting breakouts but some people did say that they used the wipes to remove makeup but used a cleanser after taking off their eye makeup.

Though the reviews were overwhelmingly good on these wipes, many people commented on how glad they were to find a good, natural product that actually worked. In other words, they’d fallen victim to the deceptive labeling and didn’t realize what they were putting on their faces.

My problem isn’t particularly with the ingredients in the product; there are many wipes out there that have ingredients that are just as bad or worse if you worry about such things. What I find irritating is that Simple implies that their Cleansing Facial Wipes are free from harmful ingredients with their statement, “Simple has no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh irritants that can upset your skin…just our purest possible skin loving ingredients…” Pretty shady when you take another look at the ingredients list.

Final Word

To be fair, I’m being a bit harsh because of the deceptive labeling and my personal experience with the product considering what other users have to say about it. Simple’s Cleansing Facial Wipes for sensitive skin don’t have nearly as many chemicals in them as other wipes do and they do a great job removing makeup.

As with all products, use with caution if you have extremely sensitive skin, especially if you tend to be dry. Since these are fairly affordable and there are only 25 in a pack, it’s not like you’re going to be out of much if you don’t like them. If you’re not prone to breakouts and need a good wipe to take off your waterproof makeup, then you’ll probably love these.

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If you’ve used these wipes, please tell us about your experience in the comments section below. I know that many of you have sensitive skin and I’d love to hear about how they worked for you.

2 Responses to “Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Cleansing Facial Wipes Review”
  1. JB says:

    I am having the same reaction! What did you do to get rid of the red, blotchy, itchyness??

  2. JF says:

    I think I just discovered what has been causing my eczema. I have been going crazy thinking I was allergic to a food, but I’m beginning to think it’s the wipes. I’m going to stop using them and see if the eczema clears up. Now that I think about it, I’m almost certain these are the culprits since the problem is only on my face.

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