Shiseido’s Bio-Performance Skincare Line Review

Worth Your Dime, or a Waste of Your Time?

Shiseido Bio-Performance

Are you still searching for the best skincare line ever? One that won’t leave your skin oily, or break you out, and actually does what it claims to do?

If you’ve read our Top 10 Ingredients article, then you have a general idea of what you should be looking for in your products.

We’re going to use those ingredients as a guide to see how Shiseido’s Bio-Performance line stacks up.

Bio-Performance Products

Shiseido is a cosmetics company that specializes in skincare products that help you keep or regain a youthful appearance. Their products are available via their website or at department stores such as Sephora and Macy’s.

For your convenience, I’ve also included links directly to the products so that you may pick them up on Amazon for considerably less than you’d pay at the department store.

According to Shiseido’s website, this product line uses the most advanced boi-technology available today to bring you skincare products that give you a definite advantage in your fight against time.

Let’s break it down and take a look at each product in the line and what Shiseido claims that each one does. Just so that you know, each product is meant to be used in conjunction with the others.

  1. Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream

    Shiseido’s Claim

    This product is designed using their patent-pending Bio-Revitalizing Complex to help you prevent the first appearance of lines by reinforcing your skin’s elastic fibers. According to Shiseido, this is the best way to encourage firmness and resilience. It’s meant to be used after one of their cleansers and softeners.

    Active Ingredients

    There are several ingredients including coenzymes, polymers, and amino acids in the product that are commonly used as moisturizing agents or lubricants. Some of these are L-arginine, hydrogenated c6-14 olefin polymers, dimethicone, and squalane.

    The cyclomethicone in it is commonly used in lotions and hair products to give you that soft, slick feeling. The Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream also contains hyaluronic acid, the awesome product that made our list as a moisturizing superhero.


    • Hyaluronic acid is an awesome agent to help you retain moisture
    • Non-greasy
    • Goes on smoothly and requires only a dab
    • Lightly scented
    • Absorbs quickly


    • No real wrinkle-fighting agents
    • Scent, though light, may bother some
    • May not be good if you have oily skin

    Final word: A great moisturizer for normal to dry skin but you need other products in order to fight wrinkles. If you’re just looking for a moisturizer to add to your arsenal, this is a good choice because of the hyaluronic acid if for no other reason.

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  3. Super Restoring Cream

    Shiseido’s Claim

    By promoting smoothness and firmness, this product dramatically gives you a more youthful appearance instantly.

    The Super Restoring Cream utilizes their contour-recalling technology in a rich, age-fighting cream that targets age-related deficiencies and wrinkles in your skin.

    Active Ingredients

    As with the revitalizing cream, the main ingredients in this product are mostly moisturizers. It also has vitamin E, which is a known antioxidant with healing properties. Also contains polyisobutine and microcrystalline wax, which will give your face that smooth, soft feel.


    • Contains sunscreen so it’s good for a daytime moisturizer.
    • Has tocopherol, aka vitamin E, to promote healing and fight free radicals
    • Moisturizes via several ingredients
    • Has Shiseido’s special form of hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain moisture
    • Absorbs quickly if your skin is dry
    • Smell is light so if you have scent issues, this may work well for you


    • May make oily skin feel greasy and may not absorb well
    • May break you out if you have sensitive skin
    • Some report that it’s hard to apply because it’s so thick
    • May not be great for daytime use for people with oily skin because of the absorption issues.

    Final word: This cream may be great as a night cream for people with dry to normal skin, but many people report that it’s a bit heavy for daytime use. If it works for you during the day, it’s got the added bonus of sunscreen. If you’re looking for serious deep-wrinkle solutions but like this for a moisturizer, you’ll need to use a serum that has bigger anti-aging guns in it.

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    Shiseido Super Corrective Serum
  5. Super Corrective Serum

    Shiseido’s Claim

    Counteract wrinkles, dullness and sagging with this revolutionary, time-fighting serum. You’ll see some results immediately and further improvements with continued use.

    They also claim that firmness is visibly improved in 1 week and you’ll notice a difference in deep wrinkles in 3 weeks. Finally, Shiseido claims that this product increases production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin via their Bio-Corrective Complex.

    Active Ingredients

    This serum contains several ingredients targeted at evening skin tone and balancing pH. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which we already know helps your skin retain moisture. The corrective serum has mica, which is a material used to refract light, among other things. This helps give a visual illusion of brightness and youth by reducing the appearance of dark circles and giving your skin an iridescent glow.

    Sodium Metaphosphate, another ingredient, is used in some dental products as a whitening agent.


    • Contains ingredients that will moisturize your skin
    • Non-greasy
    • Has ingredients proven to balance pH and even skin tone
    • Smells good
    • The mica will make your skin look brighter


    • Doesn’t contain any anti-wrinkle ingredients
    • May cause breakouts in sensitive skin
    • Very thick – more like a cream than a serum
    • Comes in a pump so you can’t see when you’re nearly out
    • Heavily fragranced so even though it smells good, it may bother you if you’re sensitive to smells

    Final word: This is a good product if you don’t really have wrinkles or fine lines. It has some good moisturizing and toning agents and very few people reported breakouts or feelings of greasiness.

    If you’re looking for a heavy-hitting wrinkle reducing cream though, you may wanna keep looking.

    Click here to find the Super Corrective Serum

    Shiseido Super Eye Contouring Cream
  6. Super Eye Contouring Cream

    Shiseido’s Claim

    Reduces the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and dullness while energizing and hydrating your skin. Uses their Wrinkle Targeting Complex and Super Bio-Moisture Network.

    Active Ingredients

    The eye contouring cream contains several different moisturizers as well as Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) and tocopheryl acetate.

    Also found in the product are ascorbyl phosphate (a vitamin C derivative) and saccaromyces lysate extract. Both are known to moisturize, increase collagen production, lighten and brighten your skin, and act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

    The eye contouring cream also includes a couple of products that are used in different cosmetics to give you that slick feeling, though they don’t contribute to the time-fighting abilities of the cream.

    Finally, it has Retinyl Acetate, a form of retinol, which was on our list of top 10 ingredients.


    • Lightweight and non-greasy
    • Contains ingredients that can at least potentially back up Shiseido’s claims
    • Costs less than many other specialty eye creams
    • Users with sensitive skin report that it doesn’t break you out
    • Light enough to wear under your makeup without causing it to smear


    • May help with fine lines because of the moisturizers and antioxidants, but has no big-time wrinkle reducers.
    • Comes in a pump so you can’t tell how much you have left

    Final word: Reviews on this product are fairly decent as long as you’re not expecting miracles. People seem to love the feel that it gives your skin, and most report improvement in dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

    Since the ingredients back it up, you may want to try this one for yourself.

  7. Super Eye Contouring Cream

    Shiseido Super Revitalizer Whitening Cream
  8. Advanced Super Revitalizer (Cream) Whitening Formula N

    Shiseido’s Claim

    Shiseido states that this products battles the effects of an environment that is tough on your skin. It works by energizing and rehydrating skin while giving you back your youthful appearance by reducing dryness, roughness, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

    Active Ingredients

    Shiseido’s pretty tight-lipped when it comes to listing ingredients and the only thing that I could find that this product contains for sure is hyaluronic acid. We know all about this, but I have no idea how much is in the actual product.

    They also list their Spot Deacti-Complex as one of the main active ingredients but what this “revolutionary” compound is comprised of remains a mystery.


    Just FYI – The pros and cons on this product are drawn from what users had to say about it. I couldn’t really add much due to the lack of exact ingredient disclosure.

    • Non-greasy
    • Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin
    • Most users report a reduction in uneven skin tone and age/sun spots
    • Smells good
    • Excellent moisturizer


    • Contains no sunscreen, according to users
    • Because it’s scented, it may bother those of you who are sensitive to smells
    • Expensive

    Final word: I can’t really make any recommendations on this product one way or another without knowing exactly what’s in it. The reviews were mixed but all users seem to agree that it works well at least as a moisturizer.

  9. Click here to find Advanced Super Revitalizer (Cream) Whitening Formula N

  10. Super Refining Essence

    Shiseido’s Claim

    Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dullness while rehydrating your skin. Made with their unique Bio-Regenerine Technology that promotes natural exfoliation and saturates your cells with vitality.

    Active Ingredients

    As with the Revitalizer Whitening Formula, Shiseido doesn’t share the exact ingredients of this product. I listed it just so that you have a complete list of the products in the Bio-Performance line. It may be noteworthy that Sephora no longer carries this product, at least on their website.

    Pros and Cons

    I’m hesitant to even list the pros and cons from users for this product because they were all overwhelmingly good. That may seem like a good thing, but I’ve discovered occasionally that when that’s the case, it may be a “buyer beware” situation.

    Final word: Especially since the product is pretty pricey and Sephora’s discontinued it, I can’t make a recommendation either way. I’m going to let you make your own decision on this one. Maybe we can get some readers to chime in on their experiences.

  11. Click here to find Super Refining Essence

If you’ve used Super Refining Essence, or any of the other Bio-Performance products, let us know how it worked for you in the comments section below.

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