Revlon Age Defying Makeup with Botafirm Review

Revlon Age Defying Makeup

With the wealth of anti-aging products vying for customers’ attention, it’s surprising that so few cosmetics companies have thought to put it all together in one sleek red-capped bottle. Revlon has done just that with its Age Defying Makeup. This medium-coverage foundation goes on smoothly — no primer required. Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection in the product allows it to double as sunscreen as well.

Age Defying Makeup also contains the mysterious “Botafirm,” a patented blend of botanicals, antioxidants, and hexapeptides. While the name may sound like a whimsical marketing creation, there’s nothing fanciful about the promising studies of the effects of antioxidants and hexapeptides on fine lines. According to Revlon’s website, an impressive 95 percent of users saw “an instant reduction in the appearance of expression lines.” As the Botafirm smooths pre-existing fine lines, the SPF 20 sunscreen helps prevent future ones from forming.

Both the normal/combination and dry skin formulas are available in a dozen shades. The range of colors tends toward lighter hues; those with the deepest skin tones may not find their ideal shade, but the available colors are quite natural for those who happen to fall within the line’s complexion range. Both the normal/combination and the dry skin formulas feel creamy and have a light, pleasant scent. This is one of the more easily blendable foundations available; it seems to melt into skin, yet doesn’t settle into fine lines.

Once it’s on, the product has a silky finish like radiantly healthy skin rather than a more aging matte look. It contains no noticeable shimmer, a major bonus for anyone who prefers that her personality sparkle more than her face. One potential drawback to Age Defying Makeup is that it isn’t the most long-wearing foundation available and may need a touch-up toward the end of the day. Given all the other things it does so well, though, a little touching up is a small price to pay.

Speaking of paying prices, this foundation is a bargain. Most products with the look, feel, and performance of Age Defying Makeup are only available at cosmetics counters. The Botafirm and the sunscreen make it effective; the blendable texture and natural look make it wearable. Revlon’s found a way to combine form and function at a very reasonable cost. This one is well worth a try for anyone who wants a single product that can do it all.

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