Revlon Age Defying Foundation with DNA Advantage Review

A Miracle OTC Foundation, or Just Another Fail?

Are you always on the hunt for the perfect foundation for your mature skin but always seem to come up short?

If so, you’re in good company with the rest of us. The search for an affordable foundation that makes you look fresh-faced and beautiful instead of blotchy and painted is a journey that we’re all taking together.

Revlon has been a powerhouse in the drug store makeup market for decades and now they’ve introduced a new product for aging skin called Age Defying Foundation with DNA Advantage.

We’re going to take a look at their latest product to see if our search for the perfect foundation is over.

Revlon’s Claim

The drugstore powerhouse says that their product combines powerful anti-aging skincare technology with makeup in order to help protect your skin’s DNA from the signs of aging. They claim that 96% of women saw “flawless, younger looking skin in less than 2 weeks.” They say that fine lines and wrinkles will be visibly improved and your skin will be hydrated and revitalized.

That’s a pretty lofty claim, Revlon. Let’s take a look at the fine print. Basically they’re claiming that their product helps you protect your skin because it has SPF 20, and it also helps you fight free radical damage with antioxidants.

What’s In It?

The Age Defying Foundation with DNA Advantage is said to contain sunscreen, vitamins B3 and E, West Indian Cherry Extract and “highly effective humectants”. If we’re lucky, they mean hyaluronic acid, that little powerhouse of a moisturizer that we talk about in our Top 10 Anti-Aging Ingredients Article.

What’s The Real Deal?

Unfortunately, most people that tried this product didn’t have many positive comments. It does seem to work better on dry skin, but even then there are still some problems. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself whether or not this is the product for you.


  • It’s inexpensive. At about $12, it’s affordable for most people
  • It seems to be good for people with really dry skin
  • It provides a buildable coverage so that you can cover problem spots
  • It has a shimmer for people who like that dewy look
  • Doesn’t settle in fine lines or wrinkles
  • Rubs off onto clothing, even after it’s had time to set
  • No reports of wrinkle reduction with most users
  • Not all products have sunscreen listed as an ingredient
  • Some people report a “cakey” texture and look
  • Shimmer is really obvious so if you like a matte look, this may not be for you
  • Coverage is sheer unless you apply several layers
  • People report difficulty finding the correct shade
  • Some users with sensitive skin reported breakouts
  • Comes in pump so you can’t use all of the product

Final Word

If you’re looking for the perfect anti-wrinkle foundation, this doesn’t appear to be it. Though users did report that it left their skin feeling soft and looking good when they took it off, the makeup is messy, cakey-looking and needs to be retouched several times per day. Most users reported the need to blot throughout the day as well.

Though the product contains antioxidants and “humectants”, there really isn’t a big-gun anti-aging ingredient in it. The vitamins, though definitely good for your body, may not be as readily absorbed into your skin. As far as foundations go, this one seems to be in the love it or hate it category, with most of the votes going in the latter direction.

Click here to find Revlon Age Defying Foundation with DNA Advantage.

If you’ve tried Revlon’s Age Defying Foundation with DNA Advantage, let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

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