Awesome Products for Dry, Mature Skin

Try These to Keep Your Dry Skin Young and Moisturized!

Finding the right products for your skin type can be tough, especially if you have extra dry skin.

We’ve taken the work out of it for you by finding some moisturizers that work well for your particular problem.

All of the products listed below are formulated specifically for dry skin. For more information about how to keep your skin moist and supple, and thus avoid the lines and wrinkles that accompany dry skin, read our article Top 5 Tips for Caring for Dry Skin.

When choosing products, be sure to avoid ones with high alcohol content (it’ll be listed as the first few ingredients), as well as ones with harsh cleansing agents. Both will dry your skin out even worse.

Now without further ado, let’s talk products!

  1. Best Moisturizing Body Lotion

    This lotion gets our vote for a few reasons. First and foremost is that it contains ingredients that both moisturize dry skin and fight the signs of aging.

    In addition, Olay offers a complete money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase. Users are happy with the product as well.

    Some of the ingredients that you’ll find include vitamin E, niacin, glycerin for moisturizing along with several different amino acids. There are a couple of ingredients that are may be of concern to some of you including petrolatum, but we were hard pressed to find a lotion that DIDN’T contain it.

    Click here to find Olay Total Effects Body Lotion, our top pick.

  2. Best Cleanser

    This cleanser is gentle and doesn’t contain harsh cleansers that are going to dry your face out. Perfect for getting off the grime without stripping away your natural oils.

    Click here to find Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover now.

  3. Best Facial Moisturizer

    This moisturizer may be a bit on the pricey side but users love everything about it. It received high marks in the texture, scent, and effectiveness categories and it also has products that stimulate collagen production and encourage moisture retention. In other words, it’s great for fighting wrinkles AND moisturizing your skin!

    Click here to get a great deal on our top choice in moisturizers: Dermalogica Age Smart Super Rich Repair.

  4. Best Sunscreen

    LaRoche has a really good product here. It’s formulated specifically for dry skin, has an SPF of 30, and contains a photostable form of both UVA and UVB sunscreens. It’s also reasonably priced and easy to find.

    Click here to get the best deal on our favorite sunscreen, La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 30 Cream for Dry Skin.

Now that you have our picks, give them a try then let us know what you think in the comments section below. If you’re already using them, or if you have other good suggestions, please feel free to chime in!

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