Principal Secret Reviews: Reclaim Skin Care

There are so many skin care products being sold today that purport miraculous results, that it is difficult to sift through the ones that actually work. While most of the products on sale today seem to have mixed results from the consumers that use them on a daily basis, there is one product out there that the majority of users would agree actually works.

The Reclaim system by Principal Secret (endorsed by Victoria Principal) is an anti-aging skincare system. This line uses Argireline as its active ingredient which is supposed to relax the facial muscles, thereby smoothing lines and wrinkles. The makers of this ingredient describe the effect as being similar to how Botox works, but without having to get injections. The system is also supposed to continuously hydrate your face and increase the skin’s elasticity.

Since this product is geared towards anti-aging, most of the users of this product are in their mid-to-late forties. While some of the users had been using this product for only a few months and some for years, the majority of them agreed that their skin looked more radiant and had a healthier tone and overall appearance after use. They also said that the product made their skin softer, glowing, and even decreased the size of their pores.

The users seemed to be split on whether the product actually made a difference in their lines and wrinkles. Some stated that the product decreased their wrinkles dramatically, while others stated the product had little to no effect. However, even the users that reported a minimal effect on their wrinkles, did state that their skin looked more youthful because of the radiance that the product gave their skin.

A few users with acne prone skin reported that this product helped clear up their acne and they did not suffer any other breakouts while using the product. They also stated their their skin tone was much more even after using the Reclaim system. Also, people with sensitive skin advised that this product did not irritate their skin.

Overall, it seems that the majority of users would recommend Reclaim by Principal Secret, both for the anti-aging benefits and definitely for the peripheral benefits of the product.

3 Responses to “Principal Secret Reviews: Reclaim Skin Care”
  1. Marie Foster says:

    I have used Principle Secret for about eleven years. Prior to using the products I had severe acne and was treated by a dermatologist since my early twenties which included several types of antibiotics and prescriptions. Nothing kept it under control! A friend who was using Principle Secret said that it had cleared up her acne and recommended that I use it. Within a few weeks of using the product, my acne virtually disappeared. I am 60 yrs. old and I have no wrinkles. My skin looks younger than it did when I first started the productat age 49.

  2. Sunny S says:

    I started using Hydroxatone about 6 mos. ago, and was ultimately not impressed and caught the Principal Secret Reclaim infomercial. I just got my starter kit with all the goodies for 1/2 the price of 1 jar of Hydroxatone.

    LOVE the cleanser, and how mild it is, especially with my sensitive skin. The Enzyme Peel & Mask made my skin look better instantly! I also recommend the Neck/Throat treatment; and I appreciate the lighter day cream as anything heavy makes any makeup slide off my face by end of business.

    Also, got a free gift lipstick – WOW, it doesn’t leave my lips feeling dried out after 30 minutes and has very nice staying power.

    I already feel that my skin looks greatly improved and am excited to see how it is after 6 mos. of this product.

  3. Dolly says:

    Didn’t like the stuff, gave it a fair 16 week trial.Noticed no difference in anything.
    Sunscreen not good enough for Australian conditions, creams are not “rich” enough, packaging is cheap and nasty, and the smell,- melons!!
    However, the paw-paw (papaya) face mask is effective.
    aside of this
    Would never deal with Guthy Renker again

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