Perricone MD Cold Plasma Reviews: Face & Eye

Perricone MD Cold Plasma

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Face and Cold Plasma eye creams are the latest offerings from Dr. Perricone’s line of facial products. Cold Plasma face promises to correct the 10 signs of aging, and the Cold Plasma eye cream claims to correct the 7 signs of aging in the eye area.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma creams contain a patented neuropeptide delivery system that took five years of research to perfect. Its main ingredients are Vitamin C, peptides, and DMAE. According to the official Dr. Perricone website, 79% of eye cream users claim that it works better than anything they’ve tried, and 88% noticed fine lines and wrinkles diminished. Of the face cream users, 79% said they preferred it over other brands, 94% were pleased with overall results, and 85% saw immediate results.

Independent reviews of the products were a little more mixed. Of 60 reviews gathered from independent websites, 36 were favorable, and 24 were unfavorable. Of the 36 favorable reviews, most claimed to notice results within the first few days. They reported smoother skin, brighter skin tone, and diminished appearance of wrinkles. All of the satisfied customers said that they would purchase the product again and/or recommend it to friends, although some of them said that the price was a little too high ($150.00 per ounce).

Of the unfavorable reviews, the biggest complaint seemed to be about the scent of the product, which most said smelled fishy. Almost all disapproved of the excessive packaging. Almost all reviews (both favorable and unfavorable) felt that the jar should have had a seal, because some of the product leaked out during shipping. A few people complained of skin irritation, breakouts, and rashes although in fairness to the product, it does recommend doing a patch test before use. The unsatisfied users almost unanimously agreed, that the product either showed no improvement in their skin or not enough to justify the high price tag.

Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma products promise to reduce the signs of aging on the face and around the eyes. The maker claims that 79% of people preferred it to any other product they’ve tried. While independent reviews showed favorable results not quite so high, overall most people were pleased with the results. In conclusion, for those willing to pay the price, Perricone’s Cold Plasma products are definitely worth a try.

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