Perlabella Skin Care Products: 5 PureDose Pearls

Perlabella Skin Care Products

PureDose Pearls by Perlabella is an effective, fragrance-free anti-aging serum for the skin made with absolutely no animal testing. Just smooth it on your skin once a day to prevent signs of aging you’ll feel the tiny “pearls,” the spheres that contain a concentrated dose of the most effective medications available.

The secret of the PureDose Pearls’ effectiveness is in its patented Microsponge Technology. Each pearl is actually a Microsponge which is designed to release the potent medication to the skin at measured intervals. Their spherical shape is perfect for finding the damaged parts of the skin, including wrinkles, thereby increasing efficiency of the medication by delivering it to the most needed areas.

The Microsponge Technology inherent in all PureDose Pearls products works on all skin types. Even sensitive skin can tolerate the slow and gradual release of the medication to facial skin. In addition each pearl is impenetrable by air or water. This keeps the medications uncompromised, which is often a problem in other anti-aging products. Just apply with the fingertips to clean skin under moisturizer or makeup.

Top 5 Perlabella Skin Care Products:

Perlabella Retinol Anti-Aging Face – The pearls contain a concentrated dose of retinol, an effective combatant of wrinkles, but known to cause problems with some sensitive skin. With the Microsponge Technology, however, the retinol is released so slowly that even sensitive skin can handle it. It’s crucial that retinol remain uncontaminated by air or water, and the Microsponge Technology assures this. Use it and it will leave skin feeling soft and velvety.

Perlabella Vitamin C Anti-Aging Face – Vitamin C is the magic ingredient in this version of PureDose pearls. It is an intensive antioxidant, fighting free radicals in the patented time-released fashion of all PureDose pearl products. It also shields and protects your face from harmful ultraviolet light. Vitamin C is another great ingredient that can be compromised if not kept pure. PureDose pearls assure the medicine is never exposed to air or water.

Perlabella Q10 Anti-Aging Face – The use of coenzyme Q10 in these PureDose pearls also uses Lipogard Technology. This provides the best combination of vitamin E and Q10 that the skin can’t generate on its own as it starts to age. Q10 with Lipogard Technology will tone your skin, making it both firmer and softer.

Perlabella Retinol Anti-Aging Eye – Like the retinol face product above, these pearls contain retinol which is slowly released to the skin throughout the night. It is formulated specially for the sensitive skin around the eyes and works to eliminate tiny lines found there and prevent them from returning.

Perlabella Hyaluronic Acid – These PureDose pearls contain a precise mixture of Hyaluronic Acid for immediate hydration and dual peptides for better elasticity. It has a filler effect on existing wrinkles but without the painful injections required by other fillers.

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