Clairol’s New Nice’N Easy Perfect 10 Hair Color Review

The Perfect Color or a Perfect Mess?

Are you looking for a hair color that really does cover your gray while giving you a beautiful, natural color?

Are you tired of buying one color and getting another, or going through the hassle of dying your hair just to find out that your grays are still showing?

Well, so are we. We’ve gone on the hunt for the perfect hair color and we have several in mind that we’re going to try. Read on to see how the first hair color brand on our list stood up.

This time around, we’re taking a close look Clairol’s newest addition to their long-standing nice’n easy line – Perfect 10.

Clairol’s Claim

They’re talking some pretty serious smack about this product and the nice’n easy products all come with a “love it or else” money-back guarantee. Here’s what Clairol’s claiming:

  • Flawless color and 100% gray coverage in 10 minutes
  • Lasts up to 60 days
  • Perfect balance of lightness, darkness and tone
  • Color infusion penetrates each strand for perfect, hi-gloss color from the inside out

They also claim that the product works inside the hair and has less free ammonia than other products, so is therefore less damaging to the outside of the hair shaft and smells better.

Wow. We really want to like this product because it’s supposedly easy to apply, it’s inexpensive, and it only takes 10 minutes for the color.

What makes it work?

They’re a little tight-lipped about the exact technology and just claim that it’s their “advance color crème formula with micropearls” that penetrate your hair, target the natural pigment, and deposit the color right to the pigment itself. They have, however, won multiple awards for it.

They also tout the fact that it contains the antioxidant glycine so you avoid the free radical damage.

Clairol says the coloring process offers excellent shine in three ways:

  1. It deposits color INSIDE the hair so when the light hits it, it shows as luster
  2. It doesn’t damage the hair like other colors do because of the lower pH. Healthy hair is shiny hair
  3. It uses their dual conditioning system with their weekly conditioner which allows your hair fiber to be “more aligned and reflect light better”

How’s it REALLY work?

Being the gray-hating middle-aged woman that I am, I tried this one out personally. I color my hair every six weeks and am REALLY tired of needing to highlight after I color in order to get texture.

The instructions were easy to follow and just involved mixing the color and the developer. Piece of cake. The box comes with gloves and since I once ended up with bright red cuticles for 3 days, I use them when I color. These were a little big, and I have average sized hands.

The little comb thingy was OK but I wasn’t overly impressed with it. I’m just as happy using the bottle tip and working it through my hair. Of course, I have relatively short hair so for those of you with longer tresses, the comb may be nice. The gel was pretty easy to control and not really drippy.

The color that I used was the light auburn. At the time, I had about a ½ inch of regrowth and my hair was dyed a richer red. My natural color is, oh heck, I don’t remember! Something between light brown and auburn.

I applied the color as directed and piled it on top to wait out my 10 minutes. Perfect 10 did smell better than other dyes that I’ve used. Not nearly so “chemical-ly”. It took about the same amount of time to rinse out as any other color, and the conditioner smelled really good and left my hair super soft.

I’m an instant gratification type of girl when it comes to new things, so I blow dried it immediately to see what I had.


The color was exactly what the box had depicted and it was shiny and soft. I didn’t notice any highlights or lowlights though, other than faint ones where my highlights had been before.

The regrowth was completely covered and there was no hint of that hated gray hair to be seen.

Finally, my hair didn’t feel processed. It looked and felt soft and natural. I gave it the eight weeks that Clairol promises and it really didn’t start to fade until about week 6, and even then it was still pretty good. I actually went the full 8 weeks and it still looked good. It was just a little lighter red, which I’m fine with, and I had regrowth, of course.

Final Word

Great job, Clairol! This is a good product that offers a true color, at least for me. It’s not messy, it’s easy to use, and it’s quick. In addition, it’s affordable!

I didn’t get the highlights that I wanted but since my hair was shiny and healthy looking, I’m not that upset. It’s not a flat color that really needs highlights to give it character.

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If you’ve used Clairol’s new Perfect 10, let us know about your experience in the comments section below. Let us know what color you used and what color you are naturally, as well as how the product worked for you.

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