Olay Total Effects 7 Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Rich, Gentle Hydration Without Irritation for Mature Skin at Last?


Olay hasn’t maintained their position as a giant in the cosmetics industry for more than 6 decades by making junk.

That’s not to say, though, that all of their products are top-of-the-line. They are, after all, a department store brand. So what makes them the go-to brand for so many women?

I believe that it’s their dedication to innovation coupled with brilliant marketing strategies. For instance, their Total Effects 7 Nourishing Cream Cleanser is marketed as an anti-aging product, but is it really that much better than other cleansers? Let’s take a look at what they claim, what’s in it and what real users have to say about it. It may be just the cleanser that you’re looking for!

What Do they Claim?

Olay’s claim for this product are pretty simple:

  • Removes dirt and impurities
  • Replenishes moisture with its rich anti-aging formula
  • Deep cleanse to minimize the appearance of pores
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fights dullness to make your skin look healthy and radiant
  • Refines your skin’s surface to keep it smooth
  • Thoroughly cleanses and gently purifies

OK, that sounds great if you’re talking about a wrinkle cream, but it’s a bit much to expect from a product that’s only going to be on your face for less than a minute.

My personal opinion is that it’s possible that it can do all of those things, but glowing skin, minimized pore appearance and smoothness all occur because your skin is cleansed well. So it’s not that the product doesn’t work; it’s that maybe they’re using those brilliant marketing techniques to make it sound a little more exciting.

That’s OK though; after all, we just want a cleanser that removes dirt and makeup without drying us out or irritating our faces. Let’s see what’s in Total Effects Nourishing Cream Cleanser.

What’s In It?

You’ll be pleased to know that there are no parabens or sulfates in the cleanser though there are a few stearates, petrolatum and mineral oil. The ingredients list is actually pretty short, containing mostly moisturizers, mild surfectants (cleansers) and preservatives. One of the surfectants, decyl glycoside, is an extremely gentle yet effective surfactant suited for even sensitive skin.

What Are Users Saying?

I’ve actually personally used Olay’s Total Effects 7 Nourishing Cream Cleanser and really like it. I use it as my night cream because even though it’s non-foaming, it cleans off all of my makeup without making my face feel tight and dry. It’s nicely moisturizing without feeling waxy and it doesn’t break me out or irritate my skin like many cleaners do.

Other users seem to feel the same. In fact, some people who struggle with acne report that this cleanser has cleared their complexions and even reduced the appearance of large pores. The smell is nice but mild and the moisture lasts all day. It really leaves a nice, clean surface for your moisturizer.

Final Word

Considering that this product is affordable and effective even for people with sensitive skin, it gets a huge thumbs up from us. Click here to find great deals on Olay Total Effects 7 Nourishing Cream Cleanser. You’re going to love the clean, hydrated feeling that you get when you use it!

If you’ve used Olay’s Nourishing Cream Cleanser, tell us what you think of it in the comments section below!

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