Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex Review

A True Skin Smoothing Revolution?


If you’re like 99% of women over 35, you’re tired of putting foundation on just to watch it settle unattractively into your pores and fine lines.

Well good news, at least according to Olay.

Their Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex is a primer that supposedly creates a smooth base for your foundation, but I’ve heard this before.

What makes this primer any different than all of the other ones currently taking up space on my vanity?

I’m dying to find out if this product is worth the time and money so let’s look at what they claim, then see if the ingredients and real-life user reviews back them up.

What Does Olay Claim About Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex?

According to Olay, this primer perfects your skin by simultaneously moisturizing and instantly smoothing out the texture so that your makeup goes on easily. They also claim that it immediately reduces the appearance of fine lines, pores and wrinkles. Over time, the anti-aging formula with Bio-Peptide + B3 complex diminishes the appearance of your deeper lines. Hmm. All in one primer? Let’s take a look.

What’s In Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex?

First, let’s look at the ingredients that will make it smooth your skin so that your foundation doesn’t settle into your fine lines. There’s aluminum starch octenylsuccinate and dimethicone that act as a fillers and smoothers. Yeast extract enhances skin absorption and moisture retention so that the herbal extracts and moisturizers found in the primer can permeate your skin to hydrate it. So far, so good.

The yeast would also help the peptides, niacinimide, panthenol and vitamin E permeate too, so that they may help heal your skin. It’s possible that the product may actually help you reduce deeper lines. The ingredients list looks good as long as you don’t mind the parabens so let’s take a look at what real users are saying about the complex.

What Are Users Saying About Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex?

A recurring comment is that the product is scented but even those who are sensitive to scents weren’t bothered by it. It goes on smoothly and feels extremely moisturizing, though Olay recommends waiting a few minutes after applying it to put on your makeup so that it can absorb. Otherwise, your makeup may not apply well.

Even though some people say that it’s a bit greasy as soon as you put it on, everyone agrees that it absorbs well and makes your skin feel soft without feeling heavy or looking shiny. People also report a fading of redness and dark spots, so that’s a bonus.

What I find odd, though, is that nobody comments on how makeup looks over top of the product. It is, after all, advertised as a “cashmere-soft, skin-perfecting primer”. Another thing that you need to be aware of is that there are about a million complaints about the bottle not dispensing. Olay says that they’ve fixed this, but now you know.

Final Word

If you’re looking for a great moisturizer that smoothes your skin and helps get rid of fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles, then you’ll probably like this product. It does contain excellent ingredients that recommend it as a moisturizer, wrinkle fighter and primer. Olay backs up all of their products with a satisfaction guarantee, so you really don’t have anything to lose!

I’ve found some good deals on Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex here, so feel free to compare prices!

If you’ve tried this primer, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below!

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  1. Nella says:

    I am a big fan of many of the Olay products and gets your ails but cannot find the primer sold anywhere in CT. Can you let me know where I can purchase it?

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