Olay Regenerist Vs Roc Correxion

Which Youth Restoring Line Really Works Best?

There are at least dozens of different department store anti-aging lines out there that claim to erase the years, but which one really has the grit to back it up?

We’re going to review 2 of the top lines on the market today and by the end of this article, you’ll know which one’s most worthy of a place on your vanity.

What Do They Claim?

Olay claims that their Regenerist line corrects your complexion by regenerating your skin’s surface appearance and increase the moisture barrier using their exclusive amino peptide and B-3 complex. They also incorporate other youth restoring ingredients such as vitamins E and B-5, green tea extract, glycerin and allantoin.

Roc claims that their Correxion line will give 10 years back to the appearance of your skin. Because it contains Retinol that penetrates deep into your skin’s surface and stimulates your skin’s natural rejuvenating process that helps the appearance of even deep wrinkles.

What Products Do They Offer?

Olay’s Regenerist line offers a much more complete array of products than Roc’s Correxion line does. At your disposal, you’ll have a cleanser, a pore scrub, facial hair remover, microderm abrasion kits, mini-peels, day creams, night creams, serums, body creams, sunscreens, resurfacing creams, a couple different eye serums/creams and even lip treatments.

Roc’s Correxion line offers a daily moisturizer with sunscreen, a night cream, a serum, an eye cream, a wrinkle filler, a facial smoother that appears to be kind of like a primer, and a 2-product resurfacing system.

if you like to stay with the same brand for all of your products, Olay offers you a more complete system. If, however, you only want the basics, Roc has them covered for you.

What’s In Them?

Before we get started on active ingredients, I know that many of you worry about using parabens, glycerins and other possibly toxic ingredients. Both of these product lines do contain them as major ingredients but in amounts that are considered acceptable by the powers that be. Now let’s talk about the stuff that actually makes us look younger.

Olay’s Regenerist line contains their patented amino-peptide complex as well as green tea extracts, B-complex vitamins, allentoin, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and soluble collagen. Some of the products also contain sunscreens and retinol, depending upon which ones you choose.

Roc’s Correxion line boasts retinol in each product as well as several different moisturizers and emollients.

What About Cost?

Both Roc and Olay products are about the same price. Products in the line range from the 10-30 dollar range if you’re looking on Amazon. I’ll give you a link to good deals on both in just a few paragraphs.

What Do Users Say?

OK, let’s get down to business here. What do people who actually use the products have to say about them? Let’s start by saying that Consumer Report rated the Regenerist line number 1. The Roc line didn’t fair nearly as well, scoring last. To be fair though, the categories were titled, “Slightly More Effective”, “Average Performance”, and “Slightly Less Effective”, and it was noted that even the best performer only “caused” a 10% improvement in appearance.

Olay Regenerist: In general, people who use the Olay products tend to like them and stick with them. Olay’s been around for decades and has earned the trust and loyalty of generations. That being said, some of the Regenerist products can be a bit pricey considering the fact that Olay’s a drug store brand.

Also, people who have oily skin didn’t seem to care for the line as much as those with normal or dry skin. That’s probably because it’s extremely moisturizing and will cause a greasy appearance.

People who loved this product reported a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and a smoother skin tone.

My personal suggestion would be to check Amazon for any of these products because you can save as much as half. I’ve taken the time to find the best prices for you: Click here to find awesome deals on Olay Regenerist products.

Roc’s Correxion line received good reviews, too, though from the other side of the faction. It seems that the retinol in these products is extremely drying and folks that tend to have dry or sensitive skin complained of burning, redness, and even peeling after using the product.

However, people with normal to oily skin reported that their skin was clearer, brighter, and firmer. They also report that their pores are smaller and that age spots were diminished or completely eliminated.

An interesting twist to the story is that many people like to use the Roc Correxion Night Cream and/or Serum and then use the Olay Regenerist Moisturizers (with or without scent or sunscreen) during the day. This apparently balances out the drying effects of the Roc and the greasy effects of the Olay. People using this combination were even happier than those using the lines separately. Very creative!

If you think that this line may be just what you’re looking to add to your wrinkle-fighting arsenal, click here to find the best deals on Roc Correxion products.

Final Word

It would appear that folks with oily skin or those looking to treat age spots or large pores may be better off using the Roc Correxion line. If you have dry skin or just want to work on moisturizing, sunscreening, or mild wrinkle reduction, Olay may be the way for you to go. I’d recommend that if you have sensitive skin or are sensitive to fragrance that you try the Olay.

One final edge that Olay has over Roc is that they offer a money-back guarantee right on their website, so basically it costs you nothing to try their products.

What it all boils down to is that which product is right for you depends upon your skin, what condition(s) you want to treat, and how severe your wrinkles are. Good luck and let us know how you fare with these products in the comments section below!

4 Responses to “Olay Regenerist Vs Roc Correxion”
  1. Lori Stewart says:

    I have oily skin and find that the Regenerist serums work far better than the moisturizers for my skin. My skin is bright, soft, clear, and not greasy when I use the serums. The moisturizers leave a greasy film.

  2. Monica says:

    I am one of those who use both Olay and Roc. I use the Roc multi correction serum and the Olay brand of face wash and moisturizers. I have had good results with this. It took me a while but I finally found the combination that works best for me

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree….I actually use a combination of Olay serum, Neutrogena serum and alcohol free toner and the Roc filler. Thus far with great results.

  3. Brenda says:

    I have been using Olay regenerative products for years. It never occurs to me to use anything else. The results are remarkable. I am in my sixties but people are always surprised to find this out as I look at least ten years younger. My skin does not have lines or wrinkles around my eyes or mouth and I once was a long time smoker. I wish I could upload a photo for people to see my face. The products that I will not be without are the serum for firming and fine lines, the regenerative cream for firming, the eye cream also. Oh, one other thing. I use the cream in a tube that fills in lines because I had a line one in the middle of my forehead between my eyes. It is no longer there. I use this product twice a day. If anyone needs a good product that will give them results without it costing them a lot, I highly suggest the Olay line. I failed to mention that some of these are the Pro X. I tell all of my friends about it because a woman today does not have to look her age. She can and will have beautiful skin if she drinks plenty of water and uses the Olay products.

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