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No matter what your age, there are times where you may encounter a piece of discoloration on your skin. Whether it be an acne scar, a freckle, an age spot or a birthmark, skin discoloration can be both physically and psychologically disheartening. Thankfully, there are skin lightening products available that can help ameliorate these issues.

Skin color is the result of a natural pigment called melanin. Meladerm works by suppressing two forms of melanin synthesis, melanosomes and and the enzyme tyrosinase. Unlike other products that are laced with harmful chemicals, Meladerm uses all natural ingredients and extracts from bearberry, lemon juice, licorice and mulberry plants. According to the product description, Meladerm provides results within two weeks of use. However, it generally requires upwards of two to three months to see results, depending on the individual’s specific skin physiology.

While effects will vary by user and skin type, overall most consumers experienced a lightening of skin after prolonged use and avoidance of the sun. Dark spots, freckles and general hyperpigmentation were also shown to be reduced after about four to eight weeks of use. Those with post-acne blemishes and darkening also reported encouraging effects, as well as its capacity to moisturize without inducing a state of oily skin. Individuals with darker skin reported Meladerm combined with a regimen of sunscreen brought about a more even skin tone and removed sun spots in just six weeks. Some customers experienced little to no effect from the use of Meladerm, although this may be due to improper regimen. Customers also expressed Meladerm’s effectiveness as an anti-tanning agent, effectively lightening the skin on the face and arms. Generally, the reviews for the product have been positive, stating that the most important thing is to be patient with the lightening process, which like any bleaching agent happens slowly.

Meladerm is excellent way to lighten and even your skin tone. Customers have expressed great enthusiasm for both its lightening and moisturizing effects. It can be purchased directly from the Civant Skin Care website, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. The website is also an excellent place to find full product information and detail before you decide on the skin lightening cream that is best for you. With a little bit of diligence and patience, in only a few months time you can finally be free to walk outside and be confident and comfortable in your skin.

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