L’Oreal Visible Lift Repair Absolute Foundation Review

An Absolute Must-Have for Wrinkle Fighting Coverage?


If you’re like me, foundation is a touchy subject because the product that used to cover flaws and perfect my complexion now tends to traitorously settle into my fine lines, making me look old and wrinkled.

L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Repair Absolute Foundation claims to be the exception to most foundations.

In fact, if the labeling is to be believed, it actually fights wrinkles instead of just covering them up. We’re going to take a look at these claims and then examine the ingredients and see what real users are saying. This may just be one foundation that’s worth a shot!

What Do They Claim?

L’Oreal claims that this foundation contains millions of droplets of Pro-Retinol, Proxylane, hyaluronic acid and ProLastyl to repair your skin and infuse it with moisture. The active ingredients are trapped inside your skin so that your makeup won’t dry out your skin. It also provides light coverage and makes your skin look “smooth, luminous, flawless”. They say that it won’t settle into your fine lines and wrinkles, either.

Well, so far so good. The claims are awesome, but can the product back them up or are they just more marketing hype? Let’s take a look at the ingredients.

What’s In It?

The only active ingredient listed is titanium dioxide, a barrier sunscreen. That’s a great ingredient to have in your foundation, so let’s see what else is in it.

The first half of the ingredients are simply smoothing agents and emollients that give the makeup consistency and keep it from separating. A bit more than half way through, we finally get to the goods with retinyl palmitate, aka Pro-Retinol.

Retinyl palmitate is the non-irritating form of vitamin A, one of the top wrinkle-fighting ingredients available today. It’s scientifically proven to work. We’re not through, though. What else is in L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Repair Absolute Foundation?

Glancing on down the list, there’s healing vitamin E and sure enough, the amazing humectant hyaluronic acid is there as promised. It’s fourth from last, though, so there’s no saying if there’s enough in there to actually do any good.

ProXylane, aka hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyrantriol, also makes an appearance. Since the pr-lastyl is a trade name specific to L’Oreal, I wasn’t able to find a chemical name to see if it’s actually in the foundation.

The one thing that I don’t see in this foundation is any kind of “shimmery” stuff. They claim that it makes your skin luminous, but there aren’t really any ingredients that would do that. Typically, you’d see mica or other light-refracting agents but not in this. Hmm.

What Are Users Saying?

One of the biggest downsides of this product seems to be the shades. Apparently if you’re extremely fair and need a yellow tone, you may be out of luck because the lightest shades are a bit darker and pinker than average. Also, some people with dry skin or large pores report that the foundation highlights the problem instead of covering it up.

On the upside, people with normal to oily skin with average and darker complexions seem to love it. Some people report that it even helped a bit with rosacea and folks with sensitive skin like it, too.

The foundation is thin and appears to go on really well, even if you want to layer it a bit to cover up trouble areas. It feels cool and refreshing when you put it on and it lasts all day.

The bottom line is that those who like it, love it. Though everybody that gave a positive review said that the instant results were good, nobody really had much to say about the anti-aging benefits of the foundation. It’s a hit with the over-40 crowd that chimed in, though, so that’s a plus for us.

Final Word

L’Oreal Visible Lift Repair Absolute Foundation is, at the very least, a good, natural-looking foundation as long as you don’t have dry skin, textured blemishes or enlarged pores. Also, be careful to check the color closely because they run a bit darker and pinker than average.

Since most of the wrinkle fighting ingredients are listed toward the end and users haven’t started screaming from the rooftops about a new, miraculously wrinkle-curing foundation, I’m going to pass on it as a stand-alone anti-aging product. I’m not saying that it won’t help; I’m just saying not to count on it.

If you want a good foundation that gives your skin a fresh glow while offering you sunscreen protection, it may be worth a try. Click here to try L’Oreal Visible Lift Repair Absolute Foundation now.

Once you’ve tried it, let us know how it works out for you in the comments section below.

One Response to “L’Oreal Visible Lift Repair Absolute Foundation Review”
  1. I recently picked this up at my local drugstore and am sadly disappointed. I’m extremely pale and my lines are there but not generally too noticable. Within just a few minutes of applying this foundation I was horrifield. My face was orange and it was sitting in my fine lines, making them look HUGE! It did feel good going on but it was so hideous on that I had to wash my face and start over. I’m taking it back tomorrow!

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