L’Oreal Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance

Finally An Effective Anti-Aging BB Cream?


L’Oreal is well known for their anti-aging product lines as well as for their cosmetics and now they’ve dipped a toe into the anti-aging BB cream pool.

BB creams, or beauty balm, has been a staple for Asian women for decades but the product has only recently made its way to the US.

Typically designed to cover flaws, moisturize and act as a sort of primer or light foundation, BB creams aren’t usually associated with anti-aging benefits until now.

L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Line is designed specifically to meet the skin care needs of people over 50 and their new Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance is now a part of that line. Today, we’re going to take a look at what the claims are for the product, what’s in it, and what real users are saying about it.

What Does L’Oreal Claim About Age Perfect BB Cream?

If you listen to the hype, you’re going to be running out and buying every tube that the store has to offer! They claim that this cream does 5 things:

  1. Enhances your skin’s radiance
  2. Nourishes your skin to help restore resiliency
  3. Evens your skin tone and diminishes age spots
  4. Redensifies your skin to help your skin look toned
  5. Helps protect your skin from sun damage with an SPF 20

All in all, that’s not necessarily a ridiculous list even though it’s unusual for a BB cream. Let’s take a look at what’s in it before we decide whether or not the claims are realistic.

What’s In Age Perfect BB Cream?

The first 3 ingredients, listed as active ingredients, in the BB cream are sunscreens, so the SPF claim is backed up. There are also several moisturizers including shea butter, which is a standard ingredient in beauty balms due to its moisturizing and healing properties.

The potential skin lighter and melatonin inhibitor calcium pantetheine sulfonate is also in there so the bb cream may very well have some ability to get rid of your age spots. There’s boron nitride in it, which is commonly used to help fill fine lines, make your skin soft and lustrous and help your makeup glide on easily.

Finally, the bb cream does contain soy proteins and hydroxyapatite, which is used to help your body accept foreign objects (ie soy protein perhaps) instead of rejecting them and forming a reaction against them. Basically, it’s a delivery system to get things into your body. One big concern is that there are several perfuming agents in this cream and some of them are pretty strong. That may be an issue.

The bb cream has the ingredients to potentially support its claims but let’s see what real users are saying about it.

What Are Users Saying About L’Oreal Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance?

Reviews are mixed on this BB cream. Because the cream is supposed to go on clear and change colors to match your skin tone, it’s impossible to tell if it’s going to match you until you put it on and wear it for a few minutes. Many people, especially those with fair skin, report that it has an orange tint that looks unnatural but medium-skinned people like it and say that it looks translucent and light.

As we expected, there are several complaints about the scent. It’s fairly heavy and doesn’t fade so if you don’t like the smell or are sensitive to scents, then this may bother you. Also, it may not go well with your makeup either in color or in texture.

People who like it say that it goes on well and makes your skin feel soft and look glowy. It has a nice consistency and the fact that it has the SPF 20 is a big plus. Also, those who like it say that it really does help your skin to look younger and smoother.

Final Word

The reviews are really polarized for this product. If you have medium to dark skin and you tend to be dry, then you’ll most likely love it. If you have skin that tends to have more of an orange tint rather than a pink one, you too will probably enjoy it. If, however, you’re fair, oily, or sensitive to scents, I’d probably steer clear.

The only real upside is that those who like this REALLY like it and say that they will continue to use it as long as it’s available. That alone may make it worth a try, especially considering it’s relatively inexpensive.

Click here if you’d like to try L’Oreal Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance at a lower price than you’ll pay at a drug store.

If you’ve tried this bb cream, we’d love to hear what you think of it. Please help us figure out how effective this product is by sharing your experience in the comments section below.

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