Lierac Mesolift Review: Concentre Mesolift

Lierac’s Concentre Mesolift is a toning radiance serum that promises improved skin tone, suppleness, and radiance.

The serum contains “the Mesolift cocktail,” a combination of minerals, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid that is designed to fight skin fatigue and improve complexions. Advertised as a “pick-me-up” treatment, this serum is recommended for clients experiencing facial lines, dehydration, uneven pigmentation, and loss of radiance or tone. The serum is especially recommended for women particularly prone to skin fatigue, such as those undergoing menstruation, pregnancy, breast-feeding, and menopause.

Customers who use the Concentre Mesolift serum are surprised by how long the product lasts, especially when compared to other similar products. A small amount is enough for the entire face and neck because of its thick consistency. Users appreciated the pleasant scent and easy-to-use design. Several customers remarked on the product’s refreshing lightness. Some consumers were not convinced the product did everything the Lierac advertisments claimed it would do, but nearly all customer reviews for Concentre Mesolift noted a visible difference in their skin. Consumers with age spots noticed their spots appeared lighter and that their complexion looked smoother. In many cases, customers reported improvement after just one use. Users also reported success using it under their sunblock. Olive-skinned customers reported particularly healthy-looking skin in winter, when their skin was at its driest and dullest. Some reviewers used it as a moisturizer and others reported using it with an accompanying moisturizer. The main complaint for Lierac’s Concentre Mesoloft was the sixty-dollar price tag. They reported success with similar products that were priced cheaper than the Mesolift serum. However, the reviewing consumers appeared very loyal to the Lierac brand and Mesolift line and indicated previous successes with other Mesolift products. Many customers said they would use this serum again and that they would recommend the product to a friend.

According to consumer reviews, the Mesolift serum does provide noticeable facial improvements, but there is no evidence of the advertised facial line and wrinkle reduction. Still, this product reportedly works as a facial “pick-me-up” treatment. With definite visible improvement, this product is recommended for consumers who don’t mind paying a higher price for an improved complexion and overall skin quality.

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