Hydroxatone Face Cream Review


When it comes to choosing an anti-wrinkle skin care cream, it can be difficult to decide as there are almost always those “mystery ingredients” with mixed reviews on effectiveness.

However, there is one cream that actually makes it easy to decide. Featuring four clinically proven ingredients, Hydroxatone utilizes only the most effective substances.

About Hydroxatone

Hydroxatone is one of the few anti-wrinkle skin care products that have a powerful ingredient list all the way down the line. Combining Argireline and Matrixyl– two clinically proven peptides —the product is effective at removing wrinkles over time. Additional ingredients include SPF for skin protection against UV rays and Hyaluronic acid, which plumps skin and hides wrinkles.

One of the key ingredients, Matrixyl, is clinically proved in rejuvenating skin and repairing damaged tissues. According to clinical trials, the compound is potent enough to decrease wrinkle density and depth by as much as 65 percent. Another key ingredient, Argireline is scientifically proven to reduce the wrinkle depth in completely safe and non-toxic way. This active ingredient can reduce wrinkles by an impressive 60 percent.

While the Hydroxatone website claims the product works quickly, most users have experienced somewhat slower results than advertized. Nonetheless, the powerful chemical combination does produce the desired results, it just takes time.


The most important feature about the product is its ingredients. Hydroxatone does not boast to have unproven compounds or “mystery ingredients”. The substances in this product are scientifically based and clinically proven to remove wrinkles. The additional SPF ingredient is a great sunscreen and protects your face against ultra violet rays. Therefore, the product not only removes wrinkles, but also provides ongoing protection.

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