HGH – Anti-Aging Superhero or Super Scam?

Can HGH Turn Back Time or Are You Wasting Your Dime?

HGH Anti-aging

Looking for the next big thing in youth restoration?

Been hearing about this human growth hormone thing and wondering what it was all about?

Us too, so we decided to check it out and bring you the lowdown. By the end of this article, you’re going to know what HGH is and what the real science without the hype has to say about it.

One of the latest hypes in the battle to renew youth is human growth hormone, or HGH. This is the hormone that your body produces in the pituitary gland when you’re a child to stimulate the production of IGF-I in the liver and other tissues.

OK, so what the heck is that? That was my question too! IGF- I is a hormone that’s believed to be responsible for both cell proliferation and preventing existing cells from dying. This is the hook that people selling HGH are using – they say that it prevents your cells from dying and brings about the creation of new cells.

The problem is that this isn’t necessarily how it works in mature bodies. It’s meant to be naturally produced by our bodies and used in the amounts that our bodies make.

Synthetic HGH is available only by prescription and is, in theory at least, only to be prescribed to patients who are growth hormone deficient. As of when I wrote this, prescribing HGH for anti-aging purposes is illegal in the US.

What Are the Claims?

Companies who are selling HGH claim that their product, in either injectable or oral forms, will give you the same benefits that those who suffer from HGH deficiencies reap. However, no research proves that there are consistent benefits to healthy bodies. If you are truly deficient in the hormone, then HGH can help you:

  • Increase muscle mass (but not necessarily strength)
  • Increase bone density
  • Decrease body fat
  • Improve your mobility and ability to exercise

Side Effects

There really aren’t any long-term studies on people who have taken HGH to increase longevity so it’s difficult to say what the exact benefits or side effects may be. There’s also no way to know if the limited benefits that have been seen in a handful of studies are permanent.

There are some preliminary signs that it can increase muscle mass and decrease your body fat but there are also some indicators there may be some undesirable side effects including:

  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Swelling in your extremities

In addition, men may also experience breast enlargement. In women this may not be a bad thing, but not so much if you’re a guy.

Though not shown to cause heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, taking HGH if you’re not deficient may contribute to the development or severity of the conditions. Also, there’s some research that indicates that these side effects may be more prevalent in older people that in children or young adults so that’s another reason to hesitate before starting to use it strictly for turning back the hands of time.

Forms Matter

The only form or type of HGH that’s been studied and approved by the FDA is the injectable synthetic that’s available only by prescription from a licensed doctor. There are websites that sell HGH in pill form but the effects of an oral form of growth hormone haven’t been determined.

In other words, scammers use the results of research that was completed on an extremely limited number of people that were given the injectable form of HGH, and telling you that their pill form will give you the same results without a prescription if you’ll just pay their low, low price.

Final Word

Don’t fall for it. There are potentially lethal side effects and absolutely no proof by reliable sources that HGH will make you feel or look younger, give you more energy, or make you healthier physically or mentally.

Save your money unless and until they come out with some sustainable results that prove that HGH is safe, legal and effective to use to fight the signs of aging.

If you have any experience with HGH or would just like to chime in on the subject, please feel free to do so in the comments section below.

One Response to “HGH – Anti-Aging Superhero or Super Scam?”
  1. yuli alicia giuliano says:

    I long time ago, in my forties (I’m in my sixties now) I took HGH in liquid form and looked very good. I not only felt young, but looked it as well! The only problem was that every time I took a dose it set my heart beating so hard that I thought it would jump out of me and it give me a headache. I was very frightened and so I stopped taking it.

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