Anti-Aging Hair Care Products

anti-aging hair care

Typical characteristics of healthy, beautiful hair are shine and body. However, after age 30, hair tends to lose its elasticity, ability to hold in moisture and maintain volume. Anti-aging hair care products with some key anti-aging ingredients can help bring hair back to its youth.

Key Anti-Aging
Hair Care Ingredients

The six areas that most anti-aging hair care products concentrate on addressing are: decreased elasticity, loss of volume and body, dry scalp, further damage to hair, and decreased moisture and shine. So, how does one find an effective anti-aging hair care product that will address these issues? These key ingredients can help bring back the bounce, softness and body to hair.

Thinning hair also means weakening hair. Hair care products with protein and/or oils fortify the hair shaft. This leads to stronger, shinier, healthier hair. Ingredients like CoQ10 (an antioxidant co-enzyme) and collagen brings back the elasticity and body in hair. While styling and coloring weakens hair, sun exposure can be just as harmful. Hair care products with UV protection can prevent further damage and protects the strands and scalp from drying out.

Best Products for Anti-Aging Hair Care

  • Finesse ReVitality’s line of hair care is inspired by its incredibly successful skincare line. The same principles of smoothing, repairing elasticity and damage protection are applied to Finesses’ anti-aging hair care line. Finesses ReVitality adds body, strengthens strands and protects hair by incorporating ingredients such as collagen, CoQ10, proteins, and antioxidants into its unique formula.

  • Redken Time Reset brings back youthful beauty with key ingredients such as camellia oil, peptides and green tea. What really makes Redken Time Reset stand out from its competition is its patented intra-Cylane element. The intra-Cylane strengthens strands internally and externally by creating a network through the use of a unique silicone molecule. It creates volume by filling in the gaps on the outermost part of the hair shaft. UV filters are also added to the formula to protect hair from additional damage.

  • KRONOS t-sfere technology focuses on restoring mature hair to its naturally youthful appearance by bringing back the body, moisture, volume, shine and reversing damage. The technology concentrates on the scalp, follicle and the shaft of the hair by microscopically forming a cap around those areas, allowing the formula to permeate effectively. KRONOS innovative fusion of science and technique gives it a definite edge over other hair care products.

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