Garnier Ultra-Lift Pro Gravity Defying Cream Review

An Affordable Wrinkle Fighter Available at Your Local Drugstore?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an effective wrinkle cream available that didn’t cost the moon?

Garnier claims that they have just such a product.

Their Ultra-Lift Pro Gravity Lift Cream, available in drug stores and department stores around the world, supposedly “resculpts cheeks, jawline and neck” by stimulating collagen production.

We’re going to take a look at the ingredients and user reviews to see if this product can actually do what it says.

What Do They Claim?

Garnier claims that Ultra-Lift Pro works from the inside out to plump underneath the surface of your skin using an extract from the beech tree. It’s non-comedogenic, gentle, non-greasy, and allergy-tested. According to Garnier it won’t clog your pores.

Now that we know what they SAY it will do, let’s take a look at the ingredients to see if the cream has what it takes to back up the claims.

What’s In It?

The first few ingredients listed in a product are always the ones that make up the majority of a product. In Garnier’s product, the first few ingredients are water, a skin conditioning agent, and apricot kernel oil which is used as a conditioner and thickener. So far, so good. No “bad stuff” like lye or roofing materials. (Yes, some products use them!)

In addition to all of the standard stuff, there are 3 key ingredients that standout. The first is retinol which is a form of vitamin A that’s long been proven to fight wrinkles. The next is salicylic acid, a product that exfoliates and stimulates collagen production.

The final ingredient worth mentioning is hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyrantriol, aka Pro-Xylane. This ingredient is supposed to stimulate natural restoration of moisture and nutrients to your skin.

Considering what the product claims, it appears as if it has the ingredients to get the job done. Let’s take a look at what people who are using it have to say.

What Are Users Saying?

People overwhelmingly love this product. Even people who claim to have tried more expensive, department store-only brands say that they like Garnier’s Ultra-Lift Pro Gravity Defying Cream. Here are the main things that people love about it:

  • Texture is good
  • Gentle – it doesn’t break out most people, even if you have sensitive skin
  • Not greasy – the product absorbs well and doesn’t leave a sticky residue
  • Improves skin texture
  • Moisturizes
  • Smells good
  • Tightens skin
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

There are a few people that tried it that either didn’t like it at all, or didn’t like it as well as they’d have liked. There were really only two reasons for these people.

  • The smell, though pleasant, was too strong
  • Causes breakouts – this happened to only an extremely limited number of people

As you can see, there really aren’t any serious complaints about the cream and many people claim that they use it morning and night because it feels so good on their skns.

Final Words

I was prepared to dislike this product and tell you that it’s a waste of your money, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Usually when I review a drug store brand, I come away disappointed and with a bad taste in my mouth. This product, however, makes me glad that I took the second look.

If you’re sensitive to the smell, ask the counter person if you can smell it, and even use a little bit of it, in advance. If you can’t though, this product is an inexpensive and effective way to fight wrinkles and stay young looking. Even if you don’t like it, you’re only out a minimal amount of cash.

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If you’ve used this product, please tell us about it in the comments section below!

One Response to “Garnier Ultra-Lift Pro Gravity Defying Cream Review”
  1. Shahnila Fahmi says:

    Garniew Ultralift is extremely low cost good product to make dull skin healthy over few nights.It pull out Dull layer of skin and regenerate healthy baby looking skin .
    Skin get dull from daily pollution and dirt , Garnier works like skin cleanser and clean skin when you wash your skin daily in morning to wash away Garnier Ultralift .

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