Fake Bake Anti-Aging Self Tanner for the Face


Nothing will age a person faster than overexposure to the sun and harmful UV rays; throw in harmful toxins and pollutants in the air and what you eat as well as a sunburn or two and you have the perfect recipe for aging the fragile skin of your face quickly, and in a short amount of time.

However, if you are one of the countless numbers of woman who have decided to load up on the sunscreen instead of the baby oil at the beach to protect your skin and your longevity but are feeling a little left out when everyone else has that warm summer glow, know you aren’t alone. There is a product on the market that can give you that sun-kissed look without suffering the love hangover too much sun can mean later on in life.

The company Fake Bake has succeeded in manufacturing a great self tanner that will leave you looking glowing and beautiful without running into the chance of looking orange like an “oompa-loompa.” What is fantastic about this Fake Bake product, the Anti-Aging Facial Self Tanner, outside of making you look like a bronzed goddess, is that its anti-aging properties are two-fold. Not only does the product give you the look of being tanned without getting in the sun, but it also is a moisturizer that contains the powerful anti-aging peptide Matrixyl, which is the same ingredient that has made StriVectin famous.

Therefore, this product will keep you from damaging your skin in the sun and it will also work to improve firmness, elasticity and the skin tone of your face. Finally, this gel based product is easy to apply preventing you from worrying about streaks or an uneven appearance. In addition, the product is water based and oil-free, preventing you from clogging your pores while you enjoy all the benefits of an incredible look.

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