Estee Lauder Time Zone Moisturizer Review

Estee Lauder has long been a trusted source for incredible beauty and skin care products. Recently, the cosmetic giant launched and introduced the Time Zone skin care line.

The moisturizer in this line is a powerful line and wrinkle reducing cream. It has SPF 15 incorporated into it, along with a TriHyaluronic Complex that is designed to plump and smooth facial skin, as well as hydrate and remove even the deepest of wrinkles from the skin’s surface.

This moisturizer is designed for skin that has visible signs of aging present and is best used on dry to normal or combination skin tones. It has been proven to reduce and remove up to ten years of lines and wrinkles from your face.

Consumers of this product have stated the normal time frame for progress and results usually takes about four weeks and works best when used both morning and night after Estee Lauder Repair Serum is placed on skin.

This product is dermatologist tested and recommended and the product is non-acnegenic.

This moisturizer has two formulas to choose from, one for normal or combination skin that smoothes and rejuvenates, and one for dry skin, which provides greater hydration to skin without being greasy or oily.

This moisturizer is found wherever Estee Lauder products are sold and typically retails for $58.00 for a 1.7 ounce jar, keeping the product friendly not only to your face, but also to your pocketbook and budget.

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